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Marilyn Manson portraying Jackson

Jackson is the character played by Marilyn Manson in "The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things" film, directed by Asia Argento.


The scene takes place past half of the movie, Jackson lives in a trailer park, he watches tv as he drinks beer, meanwhile, a young Jeremiah (Played by Jimmy Bennett) has crossdressed with his mother's clothes (Sarah, played by Asia Argento) and seduces Jackson into having intercourse, at first Jackson is somewhat shocked, but agrees after a brief moment. A red bird is seen in the tv screen (The red bird appears each time something bad happens to Jeremiah) and the next scene cuts to Jackson being thrown things at by Sarah, who probably walked into them while having sex. Jackson holds her while Jeremiah tries to clean off the stain from her underwear, he then leaves the trailer park, once left alone, Jackson tries to convince her he thought she was Jeremiah, to which sarah replies with a slap. Manson does not appear in the film again.


The aim was to give Manson's character a common white trash look.

  • Stained white shirt with no sleeves.
  • Bruise on his left shoulder (never explained).
  • Can of beer.
  • Short hair, no makeup.