Interviews: No Summer Vacation For Bands SunSentinel Aug1992

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No Summer Vacation For Bands
Interview with Marilyn Manson
Date August, 1992
Source Sun-Sentinel Lifestyle
Interviewer Sandra Schulman, The Local Scene

Sometimes it's great getting picked up. I just did, picking up this space to get my ya-yas out about the local scene. I've always had an ear on the local music scene, have ever since sneaking underaged and underdressed into clubs like Max's Kansas City and CBGB's in New York City to swoon over one-time "locals" like the Ramones, Talking Heads and Blondie.

Real estate prices and yuppies killed most of that precious prepubescent era, but that smelly teen spirit lives on locally.

This has already been a hot summer on the local front. Many bands have retreated to record new material or nurture egos wilted in the heat, but many others can be found wailing away nightly, getting together to help a cause, help each other, help themselves.

Highlights thus far:
--The First Annual Slammies at the Button South, organized loud and clear by Jim Hayward. My earplugs were embedded so far in they were touching each other that night, but the sweat drenched energy and searing reaction from the crowd to every thrash set and award was intense. Not pretty, mind you, but I haven't seen so much tattooed, slam diving, skin-headed adoration in years. Bald heads, metal jewelry and logo shirts... gee, if it wasn't for the tattoos you`d think these guys were Olympic swimmers.

--The Tampa Bay Music Awards, featuring local Florida loons and luminaries like Marilyn Manson, Factory Black (featuring the best singer/lyricist on the planet, Brian Merrill), and Edison Shine. Fast-paced, well-organized and musically diverse, Max Borges and Co. pulled off a sterling evening of alternative entertainment in the fabulous and ornate Tampa Theatre. If only South Florida had a radio program director like the lovely and talented Charlie Logan from WYNF (95 FM), who emceed the show. Imagine, a guy who actually likes and plays local unsigned bands on his top-rated commercial radio station.

--Rock For Choice, a three-day benefit concert at Uncle Sam's Musicafe in SOBE, a veritable kaleidoscope of local bands and national issues. The voting booth sucked in 75 new ballot-eers, while the conscious throngs inside were treated to electric nights of acoustic, rock, thrash, petitions, poetry, pamphlets and free condoms.

--Sugarsmack and the Livid Kittens at the Reunion Room; orange-haired lead singer Hope Nichols, formerly of Fetchin Bones, blew the roof off with her UFO songs, truck driver vocals and fur bra. Openers Livid Kittens wielded their unusual psychotic, psychedelic spell on the house, coughing up their exotic musical hairballs as the crowd clawed fur more.

Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids are no more. Those guys you hate to love have dropped themselves. The surf is still up but from now on the band will continue riding the shock-waves as just Marilyn Manson.

"Everybody was calling us that anyway," says tall, dark and Manson lead singer Brian Warner, nursing a possible broken foot. "The long name got to be a hassle, plus we didn't want to be me and a band -- we're just a band."

The foot injury came, literally, at the feet of a 200-plus pound slam dancer with steel-toed boots at Davie's Plus Five Lounge gig last Friday night, the only club in town with a two-tooth minimum. With some more showcase gigs coming up, a possible song on a movie soundtrack and a mention in South Florida Magazine`s Best and Worst August issue as Best Local Musicians, I hope Brian will be up to his usual Grinch dancing.

Always fun going to the diner with the Mansons. Bassist Brad does his famous pierced tongue stud between the fork prongs balancing act. The blue hair of the early bird special crowd turns white on sight.

-- Young Turk back from label limbo tonight at Washington Square. You ALWAYS know when Billy is back in town.

-- Marilyn Manson Aug. 12 at Squeeze, possible showcase gig. And expect the unexpected.

-- Mary Karlzen, currently bandless, in an acoustic show Aug. 15 at Libertys in Boca Raton.

Next column: Lolla and Localpalloozas blast into town ... stay tuned.