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While looking for the original article for any photos, etc, I found this same article here: [1] It is the exact same interview article except ours ends near the bottom of its page 4, out of 7.

This article was written by Ted B. Kissell [2] and published by The Miami NEW Times on January 21, 1999.

After reading this article that mentions:

  • was that Manson was upset his band would not be the exclusive subject of the magazine´s January 1999 cover.
  • What this 30-year-old former Broward Community College student has done. (30 year old equals 1999)
  • Maybe Manson a couple of times, and Brian at least once: I introduced him to a friend as Brian before a 1995 show at The Edge.
  • he told me shortly after the release of the 1996 album Antichrist Superstar.

I have concluded that this is indeed a 1999 article that happens to mention:

  • Another day, another Denny´s. It´s May 1994 and Manson and I are...
  • It´s May 1994 and my magazine´s photographer is shooting pictures of the TV.
  • The longest conversations I ever had with Mr. M. Brian Warner-Manson were during our interviews for a 1994 cover story in XS magazine.

However, in each of these instances, Mr. Kissell was referring to the past.

Our source appears to be from an old Angel Fire site [3] that has May 94 in the url date. But even it mentions the later dates. It also ends in the same place our does, while the original article continues for 3 more pages.

I believe this article (Interview:Miami Times interviews Marilyn_Manson should be moved to say Interview: Miami_New_Times_interviews_Marilyn_Manson. Mr. Kissell's resume states Miami News Time and it should be moved to the January 1999 spot on the Archive table: Interview archive

This started me on a search for the real May 1994 article for XS Magazine, in which I discovered it was a small free paper from the Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel until it became City Link in 1997. [4]. Unfortunately, City Link does not seem to have kept any archived articles on the web, and I can not find any Marilyn Manson articles from the few XS ones, I have found. (But I'm still looking)~ Msstma