Interview:2014/07/25 Marilyn Manson: I feel the outrage

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Marilyn Manson: I feel the outrage
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Interview with Marilyn Manson
Date July 25, 2014
Interviewer Sarka Heller, Jaroslav Špulák

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Controversial American rock band Marilyn Manson during their tour stop at the Czech forget. This year, Aug. 12 stop at the Great Hall of Lucerna. On questions of law answered himself a singer Marilyn Manson, real name Brian Warner.

Preparing for their upcoming concert tour extensively?
I just returned from a test with his new band. We work with a lot of concerts in Russia. We are trying to put together a setlist, we should play some new songs, but I'm still not sure how to with Russia came to an end, because there apparently we can not sing about violence or anything amiss.

Does that bother you?
It annoys me because it's my concerts and my fans. We are prepared for four concerts, but now it seems that the only one left, I'm not sure. Anyway, when I come to your country, you can look forward to some of the new songs that I have prepared for the new album. I'm pleased.

What are they?
Very different, I guess. Not in the sense that a saying that all artists when filming new album and from the next. I worked on them four months, occurred very naturally. I worked in their form with film composer and guitarist Tylor Bates. I met him when I played in the series Californication.

How long are going to work on the album?
It is finished. In a few days we will single and album would come out in October. Maybe. Who will come to the concert, hear new songs before. At least play "Cupid Carries a Gun", which I wrote for the series Salem. But I will tell you what I'll play. I want to keep a few secrets.

You play like in Eastern Europe?
Yes, but now we have problems. Concerts are planned for more than half a year before they broke all the events. For me, as Russia were significant. As children we were told that there are living enemies. When I first played, it was special for me, hard to describe.

I've always been a fan of Eastern European art. I love artists from Poland, Czech Republic and Russia. I realized that what Americans call the avant-garde, not really avant-garde, but it's so in those countries simply does. Americans do not understand, it's called avant-garde.

You are always in his work provoked. Was it necessary?
Personally, I feel obliged to call out. I feel in himself two strong trends. One is the need to create music and other moving towards chaos. He always has to be someone who opens and everything will make people think. I feel that some time ago that forced a moment of my lost soul, the attractive force of chaos suddenly gone. But whether it was anywhere, I can confirm that it is back.

So your new songs again provoke?
They are based on a lot of blues, but not how they do some of the bands that I like. Maybe The Black Keys, Jack White, and the like. In terms of blues that has heart and soul. I think the new album will come from all of my records most in depth. Musically it is a total beast. He's got arrogance.

You talked about the song Cupid Carries a Gun, which was created for the series Salem. You have a lot of offers to write music for films and TV series?
Now it is, thanks to Tylor Bates, with whom I worked on the board, more. It makes for a lot of series and projects for television. I would like to give their new album a few visual projects. They should not be movies only. When I hear music, I see her right image. So far, I have always been forced to portray in the form of movie producers wanted it that way. But now I have other ideas, images, photos and so on.

If you know the last time you had just a happy time ...
It was a special time for me. My mom died, I had to deal with it somehow. Oddly, it was a relief to some extent. I think it's happier now, so if there is no afterlife, so I'm not really sure.

I also worked on the album, and I had a lot of different opportunities. Somehow I just opened the door. I feel basically the same as when I started, but on the other hand, I am much more in touch with some parts of their consciousness that makes me do things I do not understand.

Can you be specific?
Sometimes need to understand why I chose a painting color. I feel that just follows a path that leads me something. I'm looking forward to Prague because it is essentially a center and the birthplace of surrealism. It is important to me, I'm interested in this history.

You are most musician, painter or an actor?
Most musicians want to be actors, most actors want to be musicians. Before, I tried my painting, playing music, and separated. I wanted to be particularly believable. But now I have the feeling that the time has come when it might start to fade.

A lot of people are doing more things wrong or just a great one. I can handle them all well. Not because I was mad, but because I can use all of their personalities, so that they work well.

Why do you believe that there is life after death?
I hope that it does not exist. It is very hard to kill me, so am not calling anyone that attacked me. I do not think I will die soon, but I dreaded the awful fact that when they finally die, you still have to somehow continue to be somewhere in heaven or hell.

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