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Recently MansonUSA had the fortune of getting in contact with none other than Gidget Gein, Marilyn Manson's bassist during the Spooky Kids era (1989-1993). Gidget, who's real name is Brad Stewart, was kind enough to agree to an interview with us regarding his current music project, The Daligaggers. Aside from talk about his new band, we also asked him several questions regarding his involvement with Marilyn Manson in its early stages.
  1. How would you describe your new band to someone who isn't familiar with the Dali Gaggers?
    Gidget Gein: Surreal PoP Exploitation. The sound is something like, if Ziggy Stardust grew up in the ghetto listening to Slayer, Johnny Cash, and Tom Waits then moved to a trailer park and got hooked on paregoric and ipecac.
  2. What's the status thus far on the Dali Gaggers? Have you recorded anything yet?
    Gidget Gein: The Dali Gagger band is on Hold indefinitely while I keep on keepin' on what I should've been doing all along. -Surreal PoP Exploitation...
  3. How do you plan to promote your new music?
    Gidget Gein: I promote myself in many ways. Some might call it propaganda. I call it creative license. Guerilla art is one way. Exploitation of self and willing participants or otherwise is another and then there is that I designed and maintain myself.
  4. What are your expectations for the Dali Gaggers? Is it more of a hobby, or are you aiming to "make it big" at some point?
    Gidget Gein: I've already "made it bigger"
  5. Who/what do you consider to be the most influential to you musically?
    Gidget Gein: The past present and future. I have a fear based mentality.
  6. Your website seems do draw heavily on trailer home imagery. Any significance to this, or are you just a mobile home enthusiast?
    Gidget Gein: It's hard to escape your roots.
  7. When can we expect to see some actual content on the Dali Gaggers website?
    Gidget Gein: is on Hold. is where you want to go for all your Surreal PoP Exploitation needs.
  8. Any plans to tour after releasing your music?
    Gidget Gein: No music Tours. Art Tours. I'm in the process of doing some pretty big art shows. Me and Manson are doing one in the fall.
  9. As many already know, you were the original bassist for Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids ('89-'93). How did your hiring come about, and were you involved in any other bands prior to this?
    Gidget Gein: I use to see Manson out at clubs but we never met. We used to throw dirty looks at each other like high school girls at the prom. When I spit in the face of the singer of Saigon Kick at a show, Manson decided he had to start a band with me. Prior to Manson I played guitar for a Miami band called Insanity Assassin.
  10. Is there any reason why you're still using your Manson stage name?
    Gidget Gein: Why do you use your name? It's my name.
  11. Did you contribute anything to the creative aspects of Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids, or did you mostly keep to yourself and play your bass lines when needed?
    Gidget Gein: When I met Manson he was doing a Nine Inch Nails/Nitzer Ebb thing. I brought the dirty drugged out Glam/Metal Drag Queen vibe. I taught Manson How to wear make-up, How to dress. I got him his first tattoo for his birthday. I co-wrote all of the music. A lot of the stage ideas were mine. The whole lunchbox "thing" was mine. There's plenty more but I've banged my own horn enough.
  12. Granted, this is quite a while back to recollect on, but what would you estimate was the average attendance in a Spooky Kids-era Marilyn Manson show? At the time, did you ever see the band getting as big as they are now?
    Gidget Gein: 0-1, 000 + in attendance. Nothing records thought we were gonna be the next Jane's Addiction. We obviously eclipsed that idea. I never thought too much about what the future would bring. I guess that was part of my problem. If I knew I was gonna live this long I would have taken better care of myself.
  13. On page three of your band's website, you claim you were "exiled for being 'too out of control'." What exactly did you do that was so "out of control" to warrant banishment from Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids?
    Gidget Gein: We had Chemical Differences. Manson could not compete with my needs at the time.
  14. What's the most fucked up thing you remember while hanging out with Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids?
    Gidget Gein: Manson having his mom quit his job for him at the record store we were working at because "He couldn't handle the incense"
  15. In an older interview with Seconds magazine, Manson said the following: "We fired our other bass player (Gidget) for being a heroin addict, not for being a heroin addict but for letting heroin use rule his life." Are you still on smack, or is that shit just plain whack?
    Gidget Gein: I've had the Straight Edge for three years now.
  16. Not much is known about the other former Marilyn Manson members Zsa Zsa Speck and Olivia Newton Bundy. Do you have anything to say about these guys?
    Gidget Gein: No.
  17. In late 2002, Manson wrote the following in his online journal: "I also got a surprising call from Gidget (Brad Stewart), who has always been like a brother. He is truly talented and I hope to help him with his new work. It would be surreal to play a song together again, since we have put the past behind us." Are you still in talks with Manson about a potential collaboration, or is this pretty much unconfirmed so far?
    Gidget Gein: We are planning art shows together. We're supposed to do some film work. Music, who knows... ( and now for our metal-sludge style questions ... )
  18. When did Gidget Gein last ...
    1. "talk to Marilyn Manson:" Gidget Gein: We talk all the time.
    2. "shoot heroin:" Gidget Gein: 3 odd years ago
    3. "see the inside of a recording studio:" Gidget Gein: last year. the Dali Gagger Rig Demos. Plus I have a studio in my residence.
    4. "play a gig:" Gidget Gein: July 13 '02
    5. "make a reference to his involvement in Marilyn Manson:" Gidget Gein: Manson was the last person to reference my involvement with Marilyn Manson.
    6. "talk shit about Twiggy Ramirez:" Gidget Gein: who's she?
    7. "work a 9-5 job:" Gidget Gein: I'm on call now 24/7 for the South Florida Medical Examiners Office.
  19. Has Gidget ever ...
    1. "had sex with a minor:" Gidget Gein: major
    2. "considered suicide:" Gidget Gein: all the time, but homicide is more appealing.
    3. "blown a guy for a hit of smack:" Gidget Gein: not for smack.
    4. "drove drunk within the last year:" Gidget Gein: I've driven drunks to the cooler.
    5. "watched a scat porno and liked it:" Gidget Gein: shit yeah!
    6. "masturbated in a public restroom:" Gidget Gein: It's hard not to.
    7. "received a royalty check for money made on Spooky Kids merchandise: + regretted doing this interview with MansonUSA:" Gidget Gein: not yet, am I going to?
  20. Is there anything else you'd like to say to our readers?
    Gidget Gein: Check Out Stay Tuned, MORE WILL BE REVEALED. .. Out of perfection nothing can be made. Every process involves breaking something up. UseOnceAndDestroy...
- END -
Thanks Gidget for taking the time to participate in our interview. Be sure to check out Gein's personal website at and the official Dali Gagger's website for more information on his band.
- Alexander
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