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MTV Select Interview
Interview with Marilyn Manson
Date April 14, 2003
Source MTV Select[1]

MTV Select: Marilyn Manson, welcome to the show. Very nice to meet you. Sit down. Your fans are out there. points to the screen where you can see the "fans" standing outside, screaming and singin Tainted Love.
MTV Select: You are here to promote your new album. Why did you choose Berlin?
Marilyn Manson: The new album is inspired by the early 30s of Holywood, and also very inspired by Berlin. And I think the spirit is still alive. You know this ? the vj points at the video screen. The fans are still singing Tainted Love. Manson looks at the fans and laughs.
MTV Select: Let's talk about your new single mObscene. What does that mean?
Marilyn Manson: It’s a play on the english language, the world obscene is contained in mobscene. Its my theory of if I can take any scene and turn it into obscene or take anything and turn it into obnoxious or obtuse.
MTV Select: Oh so it's a wordgame, haha Mobscene video is played
MTV Select: This was your current single. This pretty woman in this glass, who was it?
Marilyn Manson: That’s my girlfriend, she normally does her acts in a martini glass, and she does pin up and burlesque, dirty 1930s style. I wanted to change it a lil bit for the video, so I made it into absinthe. She is in also Berlin today and will perform tonight.
MTV Select: Lets talk about your paintings. You are an artist in many ways. You are going to present this tonight.
Marilyn Manson: Some of, because I couldnt bring all of them. The grotesque burlesque is a way I invented a lil bit of party, exhibit and performance. Because of censorship, I created a form to show the people otherwise. And also with my paintings. I brought a lot of painitngs. I worked together with the Austrian artist Helnwein. ...33 feet tall black and white Mickey Mouse.
MTV Select: Oh a black and a white mickey mouse, haha. Why did you choose do show you paintings to all?
Marilyn Manson: That was something I was never intending to do because I would paint when i couldnt make something into a song. But alot of people wanted to see them. The Golden Age Of Grotesque is not only a album, its an age of expression.
MTV Select: You favourite thing to express your feelings is music?
Marilyn Manson: Well, the center of it all is always music but i dont like to have any walls anymore between what i can do.
MTV Select: You choose a wish clip, right? Manson smirks
Marilyn Manson: I choose what I could only pick from, there wasnt many to pick from. I picked Robbie Williams because it looks like an interesting party is going on there.
MTV Select: They are screaming out there. points at the screen, Manson sends a kiss. Lets talk about Mobscene, we’ve seen your girlfriend. How did woman inspired you work? How do you think? laughs
Marilyn Manson: Oh I think alot. If you have a good group of people around you, whether its girls or men, you friends whatever it might be. I think that this makes you always more creative as an artist. I have the perfect band right now, I surround myself with the perfect woman. Tim skold is new in the band, right?
Marilyn Manson: Yeah. So you get inspired by everywhere?
Marilyn Manson: Yeah.
MTV Select: We’ve got a caller in the line.
Caller: First, all respect, you are the greatest. What can we expect from you new album, because your last albums were part of a complete story? Is this going on?
Marilyn Manson: Well the last 3 albums were almost a battle. I cancelled myself, the rest of the world, religion, politics... When you censor something, you have to build something new. The Golden Age of Grotesque is like when Walt Disney built Mickey Mouse and Disney land, so this is my amusement park for the world.
MTV Select: Mickey mouse..hehe
Caller: One more question, I heard Twiggy left the band, is that right?
Marilyn Manson: He is in a different band now and he doesnt go by that name anymore. But the fact that we were willing to make a brave step forward to change a little bit for the band, is really a testimony how much we believe in the record. We try to part as friends, it was something he didn’t wanted to do anymore. As a Band, we wanted to be as strong as possible and we didnt wanted to have any kind of discontent.
MTV Select: Tim Skold also co-produced or produced the album?
Marilyn Manson: We produced it together. We kinda had a different approach. I would wake up and say I want a song which soungs like a burning piano. And we would spend all day working on what it means. We worked very strangely. The album has a lot of original vocal tracks, because I didn't got back and perfect anything.
MTV Select: You're a little bit tired today?
Marilyn Manson: I was in Paris last night and I went to the crazy horse. It's this... it's not like a regular strip show, it's very burlesque. It's very old, it's from 1951.
MTV Select: I promised to show you an old clip, from time back when Mr.Manson was guest in that MTV Show. Short clip of the Mtv Show ...(I want Gayle. I want to marry her...) So what do u think about that?
Marilyn Manson: It's funny, that was a long time ago.
MTV Select: Its strange right?
Marilyn Manson: It's a little bit embarrassing..
MTV Select: You are a friend of the Osbournes. And we saw you at the marriage of Sharon and Ozzy.
Marilyn Manson: I ended up getting kissed by everybody in the Osbourne family.
MTV Select: But without tongue?
Marilyn Manson: Well Ozzy kissed me with tongue. smirks, short clip of the Osbourne Marriage “no tongue...sharon..nooo…
MTV Select: But Sharon couldn't help you?
Marilyn Manson: No, then she tried to kiss me too.
MTV Select: (Now we come to the communication problem-part) How long did you make party? (she actually ment the word “party”, but she misspelled it and it sounded like "potty")
Marilyn Manson: Make party? You mean party? We say to the babies to make "potty". I don't remember, it was a long night.
MTV Select: she laughs hysterically I wish you all luck for tonight! Are you nervous?
Marilyn Manson: Not at all. I'm excited.
MTV Select: Bowling for Columbine made many people to see you in another light.
Marilyn Manson: It’s an important film for America and Europe. It's important for me to be an artist and to fight for freedom in expression.
MTV Select: Michael Moore, also got an Academy Award for this film. Isn't it strange for America, that people who criticize society like people like Moore or other artists are sucsessful at the same time?
Marilyn Manson: The people choose what they wanna see, not the the government. I can be an American by being an artist.
MTV Select: Your plans on the future… they made a game out of Celebrity Deathmatch. You are a figure in this show. Do you already know which fightin skills you will have?
Marilyn Manson: No I don't, actually.
MTV Select: Which one would you decide to have?
Marilyn Manson: I would like to be able to tie a brick on my shoes to kick them in the balls.
MTV Select: She didn’t understand his answer and he had to say it again. After it, she begins to laugh. Haha, thank you very much, we’ll see you tonight.


  • MTV Select was a MTV show in European countries.
  • Better source needed with better spelling/grammar.