Interview:2002/09/24 MTV

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Marilyn Manson Gets Hanged
Interview with Marilyn Manson
Date September 24, 2002
Source [1]
Interviewer MTV

Marilyn Manson Gets Hanged[edit]

"Crop Failure"

"This appeared in Rolling Stone with my essay about Columbine and is sort of a caricature of [Eric] Harris and [Dylan] Klebold taken from their high school photographs. I was making a statement about America, and it was definitely part of my reaction for being blamed for something like Columbine. I thought the title 'Crop Failure' was appropriate for several reasons. Columbine, some people might know, is a flower. And, obviously, ['Crop' represents] raising up your children and harvesting them properly. Something did go wrong here, and I think the farmers should be blamed, not the entertainers."

"Grey Daisy"

"Someone said, 'Why don't you ever paint something nice, like a flower?' So I painted one, but I ended up using only the dirty water from another painting. If I wasn't me, I would probably want this one."

"Harlequin Jack and the Absinthe Bunny"

"This is a rather recent one. When I drink sometimes, the rabbit pulls me out of the hat. This was actually stained with absinthe. I was drinking as I was painting and put my brush in the wrong one. It makes a nice stain, so I figured I didn't want to waste it."

"Easter Sunday"

"This one is a few years old. It's an Easter painting, a holiday item. She has six fingers, which I also had on the cover of Mechanical Animals. It's a reference to Seraphim, a religious reference. Angels were said to have six fingers on one hand."

"Every day it hurts to wake up"

"This is how I feel sometimes in the morning. Even though it has a slightly cartoon-esque element to it, this is the best way for me to get a lot of my pain out when I'm depressed. Music often works for that, but when it's just me in silence with the brush and the paper and the friction and what happens between that, it does a lot for me."


"Every artist has to do Mickey [Mouse] as a rite of passage. This is my interpretation. The title refers to the phobia of animals scratching their genitals. I think Andy Warhol did say America suffers from a rodent fetish. I enjoyed that."

"Lily White"

"This is something I did the day I got my kitten. If you've been on my Web site, you know she is quite famous. She couldn't be here tonight. She's a real bitch. I love her, actually. She's got more t--s than my girlfriend. I can't say they're better, there's just more of them."

"Elizabeth Short as Snow White (A smile I)"


"This is my favorite part of the show. This is the famous story of Black Dahlia, who was found cut in half. The crime was never solved in the '30s. I've been obsessed with it since I was very young. [(A smile I)] is how she came to Hollywood, with hopes of becoming famous."

"Elizabeth Short as Snow White (A smile II)"

"[(A smile II)] is how she left, in a sad way, very famous. Technically, but who's to say what is technical and what's not, I think this is one of my best pieces. So I hope no one buys it, 'cause I really don't want to lose it."

"When I Get Old"

"This is kind of William S. Burroughs-inspired, but it's kind of how I see myself when I'm old, if I get there."