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Alternative Press Album Announcement
Interview with Marilyn Manson
Date February 2002
Source [1]
Album Title: TBA
Release Date: Spring 2002, on nothing
What can we expect?

"It's very Marquis De Sade-inspired," asserts Marilyn Manson about his group's fifth album, referring to the sex-and-violence-obsessed 18th-century scribe. Having ranted at length about politics and and religion on paste efforts, Manson turns inward on his new opus, which he describes as a diary of sorts.

"The subject's matter's more related to people's fetishes and how that motivates their behaviour. People will probably find [the album] dirty. I think it will want to make [people] want to have sex - or not, if you picture me in mind. So far, the material's very electronic-based and guitar-driven, and I think it's going to stay that way. It's going to be a weird cross between Revolving Cocks and Ludacris. I'm not looking to tarnish my reputation by delving into rap-metal, but I am using very groove-oriented beats, something I haven't put in the forefront before. This time the rhythm is very important because I'm trying to get across my sexual nature. I'm putting down some dirty beats that will probably be played in strip bars."

Manson also hopes to collaborate with some female artists, especially PJ Harvey and Tori Amos. He's also composing some film scores (of which he couldn't reveal details) and is preparing to star in The Sons of El Topo by legendary filmmaker Alexandro Jodorowsky.


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