Interview:2001 Manson Museum

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Manson Museum
Interview with Ginger Fish
Date 2001
Interviewer Greg

Recently, Ginger agreed to do an interview with me for my website. He agreed to a phone interview or an email interview. Knowing his hectic schedule, I opted to do it by email so he could take his time and work on it when he had opportunity to do so. Emailing each other back and forth, we ended up with the interview you see below. Thanks Ginger, Greg.

Greg: What have you been up to since the tour ended?

Ginger: I personally have been trying to recoup from injuries to my collarbone and my feet. Work never stopped though, starting a new album and working on "Tainted Love" have been a priority.

Greg: How are your collar bone and feet now?

Ginger: My collar bone is manageable, it just needs someone to rub it more often. My feet as well just need rest and some TLC.

Greg: Did you go to any countries that you've never been to on this last tour?

Ginger: Russia, It was more like Vegas then I had imagined.

Greg: Are you going to be starting on another album soon?

Ginger: Yes, by the time this is read, half of a new album will be complete.

Greg: Will the new album be in the same vain as the others or different?

Ginger: The new album will be different and open the world to a completely new style.

Greg: Have you got any pets, if so, what are they and their names.

Ginger: Yes and no. I adopted a cocker spaniel for my mother. Her name is Scarlet and she has a beautiful red coat.She still has the first toy I brought her home with because she is so gentle. I also share a beautiful Chihuahua named Rocket with my ex-girlfriend.

Greg: Are you dating anyone now?

Ginger: No.

Greg: Do you have any hobbies and/ or what do you do for fun.

Ginger: Lately I have been go-carting, but I love motorcycles, roller skating, and most computer programs for music.

Greg: What kind of car do you have?

Ginger: 1997 Ford Probe.

Greg: Walk us around your house/apartment, what kind of stuff is hanging on your walls.

Ginger: I don't really call anywhere home. I have been homeless before, living out of my car for a couple of years in Florida. During tours I store everything I have, which is not much since I try to keep a young mobile attitude. (Have drums-will travel). The home I am in now belongs to a producer friend and on his walls are pictures of bands other than mine (Stones,Inxs,Black Grape).

Greg: What's in your refrigerator right now?

Ginger: Leftovers from Chan Dara (Thai Food).

Greg: You're wanting to buy a house, have you got a specific style and place in mind.

Ginger: I need to buy a small home in Vegas so my parents can be back home near my brothers, and their grandchildren. My older brother has three boys.

Greg: What's your favorite food?

Ginger: Right know -Thai.

Greg: What's your favorite movie, song and book?

Ginger: I don't play favorites, but I love the movie "Hair" and I am interested in acoustic vocal songs.

Greg: What's in your CD player right now?

Ginger: Aphex Twins.

Greg: How many brothers and sisters do you have?

Ginger: Two Brothers, one younger, one older, both married and living in Vegas.

Greg: Is your whole family performers?

Ginger: Not any more, but at one time my little brother was acting, my older brother played sax and sang, my mom danced and acted and my dad sang and acted and I had random acting parts such as a flying monkey in The Wizard of Oz.

Greg: On Broadway?

Ginger: Off Broadway, mostly in Florida theatre.

Greg: What's you're Thanksgiving plans?

Ginger: Drive to Vegas to see my parents, who just moved back this month.

Greg: What are you hoping Santa brings you this year?

Ginger: I wish for health and to wake up and feel fine, but that would be a miracle, so at least money to pay doctors to make me feel better.

Greg: Is there anything you'd like to say to all of your fans?

Ginger: Of Course. Recently I decided it was time to sit down and thank individuals one at a time by e-mailing them. I think I might have been wrong trying to reach out to individuals so what I would really like to say is, I am nothing without you, and when I start to question why I am alive and why do I continue to live the way I do, I notice a person that it makes a difference for and realize my struggle is not in vain. I love each and every fan and promise to continue reaching out to help others because without you I am incomplete and without meaning. I thank you for the support and for keeping my likeness alive. I love you ,Ginger.