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John 5 Interview
Interview with John 5
Date 2001
Source [1]
Interviewer Greg York
"Hey Greg, You wanna do that interview today?" The words I had been waiting to hear with great anticipation for two weeks were finally coming through on the other end of the phone line. Not that I ever had a moments doubt that it would happen because John is one of the most sincere people I've ever had the opportunity to meet and he always follows through with what he promises but you're talking about the same feeling a kid has on Christmas morning! So I answered, "Yeah, that'd be great!" "OK, Well I'm still in bed, give me about 15 minutes and call me back." "OK, talk to you in 15."
Now, I'm scrambling to remember my questions because I'm at work and my questions are lying neatly on my desk at home, lying there in quiet anticipation of THE CALL.
I think I've remembered them all and 15 minutes has passed so, I make the call.

John5: Hello
Greg: It's me, are you ready?
John5: Yeah, I'm ready, are you going to tape this or are you writing it?
Greg: Well, if we were doing the interview at home, I was going to ask your permission to tape it, but since I'm here at work, I'll have to write it.
John5: That's cool, we don't have to be in a hurry.
Greg: OK, Well first question is How's the tour going?
John5: Well I feel like it's going a lot better than the Mechanical Animals tour, we're all so much more comfortable with each other as a band on this tour.
Greg: That's great to hear. Have you got a favorite song on the new album?
John5: (no hesitation here) Count to Six and Die. That's the song that really trips me out. Manson did that song in one take. It's such an eerie song and so full of emotion.
Greg: What's your favorite song of all to play?
John5: Oh, Antichrist Superstar! I love to play that song! Unfortunately, we're not playing it on this tour, but that song is really fun to play.
Greg: When did you start playing guitar?
John5: When I was seven.
Greg: Really, damn you knew right away what you wanted to do didn't you?
John5: Yeah, I loved music very early, I use to watch The Monkees and KISS and Hendrix and loved it, so I asked for a guitar for Christmas when I was seven and got it.
Greg: What kind of pickups do you use on tour? A few fans have asked me to ask you this one.
John5: I use D'Margio pickups, but I'm not sure of the model.
Greg: What's you're favorite junk food?
John5: (again, no hesitation) Oh an In 'n' Out Burger! You can only get them here in California, but goddam there GOOD!!
Greg: Is there a country that you're getting ready to play that you've never played before?
John5: Russia, I've played just about every place in the world three or four times, but I've never been to Russia.
Greg: How long will you be there?
John5: I think we'll be there four days.
Greg: Do you have a place that you really enjoy going to?
John5: Oh, I love Vienna, that's where Mozart lived and worked. I remember being there one time and it was fucking freezing! I was walking around the city, freezing my ass off trying to find out where Mozart lived. I would stop people and ask them if they could give me directions to where Mozart lived and no one could help me. (John pauses for a second and asks) Am I going too fast for you to write, cause I can slow down, I'm just making up the bed while we talk. (I'm keeping up, so he continues) Anyway, I am sooo cold so I started looking for a place to duck inside to warm my face and hands and I see this little mall so I go inside to warm up. I'm walking around in there and just starting to get warm and I see this plaque over by The Gap so I stopped and read it. I couldn't believe my eyes when I read: Here once stood the home of Mozart. It flipped me out.
Greg: Damn, It's like you were almost meant to go in that mall and find that plaque.
John5: Yeah, I know. You know, I've never told that story before.
Greg: all right, I got an exclusive story!
John5: Yep, you sure did.
Greg: Do you come up with your make-up ideas?
John5: I apply my make-up myself, but Manson comes up with the ideas for it. I like the big X the best, I think it's really cool.
Greg: I had to ask that question, because it was going to piss me off if you were such a fantastic guitarist and on top of it you were an artist also.
John5: Well, I am an artist but more musically than painting, I leave that to Manson, he comes up with some fucking cool shit.
Greg: Have you got any good luck charms that you take on stage with you?
John5: Damn Greg, that's a great question! Actually I do, I have a Gene Simmons Mego doll that goes on stage with me every show.
Greg: Is it the one I gave you?!
John5: Yeah, Yeah, as a matter of fact it is. I used to have a Gene Simmons Majik Market cup that I took on stage with me every night. I carried that thing on stage for a long time and then one night while Manson was throwing things on stage, he accidentally hit it and it smashed it to hell, so now I just take the doll on stage.
Greg: I tried to see it when I saw you guys in Charlotte and Greensboro but I couldn't see it.
John5: Yeah it would be hard for fans to see it, it's kind of off stage over by my tech but if you were sitting in the right place, you could see it.
Greg: Which is more fun, the studio or the stage?
John5: Well that really depends on the mind frame I'm in, I love both, both are great.
Greg: What did you do for Manson's birthday?
John5: Well, we had a show that night, so we did that and then we all went out to eat to celebrate. We were like one big family and we just enjoyed each other's company, ate and we all gave him our gifts. What are your two dogs' names again? Slappy and...?
John5: Sophie, Sophie is the other one, but I didn't name her that, it's kind of a pansy name.
Greg: Now Slappy is the Boston Terrier that Manson gave you right?
John5: Yeah
Greg: What kind of dog is Sophie?
John5: She's a Jack Russell.
Greg: Oh those dogs are so smart! Does she do your tax returns for you?
John5: (laughs) She could, she is really smart.
Greg: Well, I've took up enough of your time, just one final question, Is there anything you'd like to say to the fans?
John5: Yes, I just want to say that I'm always on the BBS and I see all the great things people say and I see and read ALL the signs people hold up at the shows and I just want to thank everyone for their kindness and support.
Greg: Well John, I just want to end this with saying to you, That there are thousands of fans that would give anything just to get to meet you and here you've taken the time to do this interview, and I just want you to know what a great privilege it is for me to be able to call you a friend of mine. I realize how lucky I am and I don't take it lightly.
John5: Well thanks Greg
Greg: Well take care of yourself and have fun in Europe.
John5: I will, see ya.


  • is a now defunct website run by Greg York