Interview:2000/11/11 Kerrang! speaks to Madonna Wayne Gacy

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Kerrang! Speaks to Madonna Wayne Gacy
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Interview with Madonna Wayne Gacy
Date November 11, 2000
Source fansite [1]
Madonna Wayne Gacy
He hits the keyboards. His friends call him Pogo. He jumps through windows for fun...

Kerrang: Where and when did you first meet Marilyn Manson?
Madonna Wayne Gacy: Oh God, 12 years ago at a bar. A mutual friend introduced us. We got along because we had obscure tastes in music. I had a tuxedo on at the time in this punk rock bar because it pissed people off.
Kerrang: What were your first impressions of him?
Madonna Wayne Gacy: He looked young.
Kerrang: What's your non-musical role in the band?
Madonna Wayne Gacy: I'm the person in the band who will do anybody else's dare, any ridiculous shit. In a game of Truth Or Dare, I'd rather lie my ass off so I could jump through a window.
Kerrang: What's Manson like to work with?
Madonna Wayne Gacy: Like everything, it's fun, it's annoying, it's exciting, it's tedious, it's violent and drug-induced. I wouldn't trade it for anything. FUCK no.
Kerrang: What's the most hedonistic thing you've done since joining the band?
Madonna Wayne Gacy: How do you make up a scale of hedonism? I don't know if I can even say some of them. The best stories are in Manson?s book and if I reveal any others, they may have criminal repercussions.
Kerrang: You're seen as the insane one in the band. Is that fair?
Madonna Wayne Gacy: Cool. I'm always the first person to try something. At least once, then keep going until you get sick on it. When I grew up in the late '70s I used to regularly wake up in my own vomit.
Kerrang: What's your favourite Manson album?
Madonna Wayne Gacy: Some songs are more enjoyable live, some are more fun in the studio.
Kerrang: What's your favourite song to play live?
Madonna Wayne Gacy: The last song of the set, because that's when you get to smash everything.
Kerrang: How did the aftermath of Columbine affect you?
Madonna Wayne Gacy: I didn't really pay much attention to it to be honest. No one wins in that situation and we got blamed for shit we didn't do. The people who did it didn't want to give credit to anyone but themselves. They liked our music and there's nothing we can do about that.
Kerrang: How enjoyable was it to record the new album? (Holy Wood)
Madonna Wayne Gacy: It took a long time to do, but it was really cool. Most of the time, I went upstairs worked on a computer and synthesiser. I messed around with prime number loops where they only intersect every three days and I'd check up on what kind of music they'd be making. You never know what?s going to happen.
Kerrang: Do you fully understand the album's concept?
Madonna Wayne Gacy: I don't know if anyone understands what Manson's trying to achieve. You think you get it, but later on, you get it even more. People can read the Bible and still find something new after reading it 1000 times.
Kerrang: Do you mind that Marilyn Manson the man seems to have overshadowed Marilyn Manson the band?
Madonna Wayne Gacy: Where do you draw the line? People always want to focus in on the singer anyway. You may as well accept it. Anyone who would get pissed off about that is an idiot.
Kerrang: Why do think ' Mechanical Animals' didn't live up to commercial expectations?
Madonna Wayne Gacy: I don't read the statistics of our sales. In the States, there's always a certain amount of fickleness. If you sell more than 10 records, you apparently can't be independent and free-thinking. The more records you sell, it's indicative of how much you suck. Either way, you suck.
Kerrang: Who is your closest friend in the band?
Madonna Wayne Gacy: We're all good friends, I've known Manson the longest, so I'm closest to him, but that?s just because of time.
Kerrang: What do your parents think of what you do?
Madonna Wayne Gacy: They're all for it. My mom just stopped teaching first grade and my dad used to be a school teacher too. They like the fact that Manson puts the blame where it's supposed to be. They believe people should be responsible for their own actions.
Kerrang: Do you believe in monogamy?
Madonna Wayne Gacy: Define that word. I don't know if the concept really exists. Given the chance, anybody can be tempted, no matter what ideal they have of themselves.
Kerrang: What's the best and worst thing about being in Marilyn Manson?
Madonna Wayne Gacy: The worst thing is having to explain whether you're monogamous or not. The best thing is getting free beer wherever you go.
Kerrang: What bands have you been listening to recently?
Madonna Wayne Gacy: I've been listening to old stuff mostly: Steel Pole Bathtub, Butthole Surfers and Pink Floyd. I like to get high to Yes and get in touch with my inner Rick Wakeman.
Kerrang: Do you still like the drugs?
Madonna Wayne Gacy: Ha ha ha!


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