Interview:2000/11/11 Kerrang! Meet Your New Editor

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Meet Your New Editor...
Interview with Marilyn Manson
Date November 11, 2000
Source Kerrang! [1]
Issue 827, November 11, 2000
A word from your Editor...

HERE I am back at ground zero. It is strangely ironic to go from editing a rock magazine 10 years ago and end up here doing the same thing in an issue that is dedicated to my band. Of course, I won't be objective and I have to say first, as the Editor, that Marilyn Manson is the greatest artist I've ever worked with. I give their new album "Holy Wood..." six Ks, and also should add that Manson himself is a very charming and handsome fellow.

Speaking as Marilyn Manson, I'd like to thank Kerrang! and all of you dedicated readers and fans for getting me this far. I hope you enjoy this issue and hopefully, I won't have to assault the Editor this time around.


MARILYN MANSON - Editor-in-Chief


  1. Black Diamond Music Memorbilia

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