Interview:2000/11/09 Kerrang! speaks to Ginger Fish

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Interview with Marilyn Manson
Date November 11, 2000
Source [Kerrang! [1]
Ginger Fish
You know him as the drummer; he calls himself bodyguard...

Kerrang: Where and when did you first meet Marilyn Manson?
Ginger Fish: I met him in March '95 in the Bible Belt.
Kerrang: What were your first impressions of him?
Ginger Fish: He was level-headed. He knew what he wanted. It appealed to me.
Kerrang: What's your non-musical role in the band?
Ginger Fish: I am the bodyguard.
Kerrang: What's Manson like to work with?
Ginger Fish: Very articulate. He knows what he's talking about. He knows everybody's part before they know it. He listens to everyone's ideas. Everyone puts in their 10 cents and maybe four cents gets used.
Kerrang: You're seen as the victim in the band. Is that fair?
Ginger Fish: Everyone has gone to the hospital after a show. Pogo got stitches in his forehead before I did. I wouldn't call myself a victim. I relish the attacks. I've gone after the band a few times. If I reach the point where I think I'm going to do some damage, I'll leave the property. I'm afraid I would hurt them.
Kerrang: How did the aftermath of Columbine affect you?
Ginger Fish: It didn't affect me. I could care less. I didn't know the people. It doesn't matter to me whatsoever. By that people would say, "You don't care about your fans," but with Columbine, they weren't fans of the band.
Kerrang: How enjoyable was it to record the new album?
Ginger Fish: Definitely the most enjoyable to record. I did my parts in the Houdini mansion. I worked around the clock. The environment was very inspiring.
Kerrang: Who is your closest friend in the band?
Ginger Fish: Hard to say. The word friend is hard to define. We have a business relationship. I conduct myself accordingly. I can't be too close or friendly, they can call me if they need anything. But I can't single out any one person.
Kerrang: What do your parents think of what you do?
Ginger Fish: They approve. They're entertainers themselves. I was born with drum sticks in my hand.
Kerrang: What's the best and worst things about being in Marilyn Manson?
Ginger Fish: The best is not dealing with reality. You always have someone watching over you. The worst is I go schizo. They say keep your friends close and your enemies closer. I stay as close to the band as I can.
Kerrang: Do you still like the drugs?
Ginger Fish: I don't think anyone in the band would deny that.


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