Interview:2000/10/01 MTV Diary

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MTV Diary
Interview with Marilyn Manson
Date October 1, 2000

"October 1st, 2000."

[Marilyn walking out of his hotel, a group of female fans greeting and saying their goodbyes to him]

"There's a genuine sincerity to their enthusiasm.

[female fan] "Bye Manson."

"I think they appreciate the fact that I take rock and roll as far as I can."

[Marilyn is in the van, signing last autographs and waving to the fans]

[female fan] "Bye Manson."

[female fan] "Bye!"

[Marilyn in the van] "They're crazy today. They're all gonna be at the airport too. Don't even think for a minute that they won't be."

[Marilyn walks into the airport, taps a support beam]

[Marilyn to camera] "Where's my welcome wagon or farewell people? Maybe they'll be downstairs."

"It was very important to me to go to Japan, meeting a lot of the people that listen to our music, was one of my biggest inspirations."

[Marilyn hugs a female fan]

"October 2nd, 2000."

[music changes to Tourniquet, Marilyn walks up the stairs to Posthuman Records headquarters]

[Marilyn opening the door, speaking to camera] "This is Posthuman Records, and Entertainment."

[Marilyn looking at some prints on a desk] "This is some stuff to do to be approved."

[Marilyn pointing at Holywoods' album cover] "The album cover... And when you unfold the booklet, it unfolds in this manner."

"I've always had the same level of excitement about making music but now it seems so much more important because of all the blame that was put on me for Columbine."

[music changes to Get Your Gunn, a lot of quick clips of Columbine reports are shown]

"The entire incident, the way the media reacted, the people who were involved, the way I was treated."

[music changes to I Put A Spell On You, shots of protestors for a Marilyn Manson concert]

[Protestor] "What has Satan done for you? What has Marilyn Manson done for you?"

"It hurt me personally because my career is my life. It made me feel a lot like how I felt when growing up because it was a lot of people, umm, beating you down and treating you a certain way for something that you're not even responsible for."

[camera changes to the recording studio, Twiggy drinking some pop, the band preparing for a warm up gig]

"I just really had to re-evaluate of what I was going to do, how am I going to respond to this, how am I gonna take this? And I wanted to come out swinging. With both fists."

[shots of the band playing Disposable Teens]

"I wasn't going to avoid the subject, I was gonna take it head on. And when I've gotten with the band to write the record , it was the most important thing that I think I've ever done."

[more shots of the band playing Disposable Teens]

"It is a great feeling to write a song but to be able to perform it, it takes on a whole different light. You create something that the only word that I can think of to describe it is magic."

[ending shots of the band playing Disposable Teens]

[music changes to Lamb Of God]

"I hope that this is, umm, America's worst nightmare and I hope that we can disrupt the regimented lifestyle people have set out for themselves. That's what rock and roll was intended to be and that's what I am and that's what I'm always going to be and the day that I'm not is the day that I quit."

[music changes to Kinderfeld]

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