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MTV Diary
Interview with Marilyn Manson
Date September 29-30, 2000

"September 29th, 2000."

[Rock is Dead plays in the background, shots of Marilyn talking to reporters in a hotel room]

[Marilyn to reporter] "About Holywood, it's the completion, of the three records"

"In the first couple of questions, any journalist is gonna kinda show their colors, so I know how to treat them, whether I'm gonna give them, umm, smart ass cynical remarks, or if I'm gonna give them more legitimate statements."

[female reporter to Marilyn] "Would you mind telling us, elaborating just a little about the theme of this new album?"

[Marilyn] "It's meant to tie the three records together, this one is the beginning of this story."

"They seem to, in their questions, have a better grasp then some American journalists."

[music changes to Misery Machine, female reporter talking to another reporter in Japanese, Marilyn looks confused and is trying to figure them out]

"It's very difficult for me, umm when I'm being translated because I tend to respond in in-depth long answers."

[quick shots of Marilyn talking to microphone a journalist is holding]

[Marilyn] "I have an opinion..."

         "So it was interesting..."
         "It was the theme from a TV show, MASH..."
         "Sequel to El Topo..."
         "Was something I wanted to create..."

[female reporter to Marilyn] "If you could maybe reply just a little shorter or in segments?"

[Marilyn] "Sure."

[Marilyn to camera] "Usually I have to do about 40 interviews in a row."

[music changes to a fast drum beat, shots of Marilyn getting swarmed by reporters, reporters speaking Japanese to each other]

"I know that I don't blank out when I'm sitting there waiting. I'm usually predicting what the next questions is gonna be, or I'm examining the idiosyncrasies of each person that's interviewing me."

[shots of reporters making corrections to writing while humming, Marilyn shrugs to camera]

[Marilyn to Tony (Tony Ciulla, manager)] "He's humming like, he was having a rectal exam."

[Tony] "He was like, he looked like Heraldo Riviera or something."

[Marilyn humming, immitating the journalist]

[Marilyn] "He sounds like me when I'm jerking off."

[shots of Marilyn getting into a van]

[Marilyn to Tony] "So what, I make my statement after I get questions asked? I'm to come on and make a speech or something."

[Tony] "You know, you don't have to make a statement."

[music changes to President Dead, shots of Marilyn getting in an elevator and going into a room full of businessmen]

"I still don't really know exactly what the Universal thing was, I guess it was a meeting of sales people and journalists for Japan."

[Marilyn gives a confused look to the camera]

[shots of Marilyn and Tony in a room]

[Marilyn to Tony] "An hour late?"

[Tony] "All we have to do is wait. A solid twenty. You want something to eat?"

[Marilyn] "I could do with a cheeseburger."

[shots of Marilyn eating McDonald's cheeseburger]

[Marilyn] "I'm white trash all the way. Macaroni and cheese, Doritos's, Kool-Aid."

[music changes to Disposable Teens, shots of Marilyn at a party, Marilyn gives a hilarious look at a Japanese guy trying to headbang]

"I thought it was gonna be more of a board meeting, with a bunch of tables and a lot of people but it was like a concert or something."

[shot changes to an audience in a theater]

[Announcer] "Ladies and gentleman, Marilyn Manson! Woooooo!"


[Marilyn walks onto stage]

"There was this weird lady who was sexually harassing me and asking me what I eat for breakfast."

[Announcer] "What do you eat for breakfast? You're just so tall and I'm so short, I'm just sorry but..."

[Marilyn lowers his palm to waist height] "Little kids, about this tall.."]

[music changes to Valentine's Day, shots of Marilyn back in dressing room]

[cameraman to Marilyn] "How's it going?"

[Marilyn] "Very .... strange..."

[shots of Marilyn on stage at the theater]

"The fact that it was me kinda answering questions even when they were stupid, some of them, it was more suited towards what I'm capable of enjoying."

[shots of Marilyn back at dressing room]

[business man offers handshake to Marilyn] "Hi Marilyn Manson, "

[Marilyn shakes his hand] "Hey"

[business man] "I'm Yurri Jensen."

[Marilyn] "Nice to meet you."

"It's a little awkward meeting sales people..."

[Marilyn shakes another one's hand] "Nice to meet you."

"it's more awkward when they compliment you."

[Japanese businessman] "Thank you very much for a great, great {mysterious presentation?")

"Sometimes I think that they're making fun of me."

[Japanese businessman] "You seem to be very, umm, outrageous."

[Marilyn smiles, looking embarrassed]

"So I always kind of have my guard up, because I think that they're mocking me, because it just doesn't seem right that they like me."

[Marilyn shakes another one's hand]

[Japanese businessman] "We are ready to sell your records."

[shots of Marilyn leaving party, getting into elevator]

[Marilyn to camera] "See? They had some very strange questions."

[shots of Marilyn going to van]

[music changes to Diary of A Dope Fiend, shots of Marilyn in van, playing with a rubber alligator]

[Tony to Marilyn] "Were you gonna allow us just to leave or no, you just wanted to talk to them?"

[Marilyn] "A rubber alligator!"

"My image and my personality is very .... childish."

[Marilyn squeezes alligator, to Tony] "Can we get an ice cream cone machine and bring it on tour?"

"It's also very cartoonish.."

[Marilyn notices a small girl on outside the van, gives her the devil sign] "I'll sprinkle some sugar on that little kids head and eat it."

"I wouldn't consider myself necessarily a nice person, nor a mean one."

[Marilyn to camera] "I got people skills!"

"I usually give back whatever people give to me."

[Marilyn closes van window, to Tony] "Strangely, they don't seem generally affected by me here. They just look and then look away. Even in the Midwest, people at least have a look of disgust."

"The Devil, obviously has a great sense of humor, so that was always my biggest inspiration. And if God exists, he obviously has a sense of humour or I wouldn't be here."

"September 30th, 2000."

[music changes to New Radicals' "You May Be Brainwashed Too", shots of Marilyn talking to Tony as they're walking to their van]

[Marilyn in van to Tony] "Let's go to that other place."

[Tony to driver] "Let's go to that place you were talking about, ya know, outside that street by the train station."

"I usually like to go shopping when I'm there."

[shots of Marilyn outside walking to a mall]

[song in mall over PA] "Courtney Love and Marilyn Manson

         You're all fakes
         Run to your mansions
         Come around
          We'll kick your ass in!"

[Marilyn to camera] "Kick my ass in? You know I called that guy up on the phone and I told him to bring it on. He never called back."

[music changes to The Last Day On Earth, shots of Marilyn walking to a store]

"Anytime I go to Japan, I like to go and buy toys."

[Man on the street] "Hey, what are you guys doing?"

[Marilyn] "Going to, uhh, Kiddie Land."

[shots of Marilyn playing with toys]

"They always have all these great new gadgets that you can't find anywhere else."

[Marilyn to a toy microphone] "Hello? Hello?"

[Marilyn spots a Furrbie doll] "I want a Furrbie for Christmas."

[Marilyn to camera] "How many dirty mouths were on that microphone? Nah, let's put it down. One more dirty mouth."

"They were just uhh, much more on the edge and much more out there than stuff you'd find at Toys 'R Us."

[music changes to Beautiful People, Marilyn is walking outside]

[female fan stops Marilyn]

[Marilyn shakes her hand] "Hi."

[Female fan] "Pardon me?"

[Marilyn] "How are you doing?"

[female fan] "Oh, not bad."

[Marilyn] "Ok."

[Marilyn shakes another one's hand]

"There's no way you can never just take one picture or one photograph."

[shots of Marilyn greeting fans and signing autographs, getting pictures taken]

"That's kind of the trade-off that you have to make if you want to go out shopping in public looking the way I do, "

[Marilyn to camera] "We just gotta keep walking, maybe we could take a left?"

"Cause it gets very contagious."

[shots of Marilyn signing more autographs and fans gaping, recognizing him]

"I was really surprised that people were nice about it, they weren't yelling obscenities or throwing bottles or anything like that."

[fan to Marilyn] "Sign please?"

[Marilyn] "Ok."

"As long as they're not trying to wound me, I have no complaints."

[shots of Marilyn signing autographs in a store, Offspring playing over store's PA]

[Marilyn] "Who is this? The Offspring?"

"We saw one, strangely out of place, girl with uhh, some beauty pageant banner."

[Marilyn looks at girl, shrugs comically]

[Marilyn to girl] "Where are you guys from?"

[Girl points to banner] "Panama"

[Marilyn] "I know but is there a beauty pageant?"

[Girl] "Yeah."

[Marilyn] "Ok"

[Girl] "but it's Miss International, October 4."

[music changes to Dope Show.., shots of Marilyn walking outside, finding the pageant girls]

[Marilyn to camera] "This is crazy."

"Then, it was like someone threw water on her because there was a million of them, like Gremlins or something."

[shots of Marilyn signing autographs and getting pictures taken]

"They all wanted to take a picture."

[contestant shaking Marilyn's hand] "Hellooo."

[Marilyn smiling] "Hi."

"I don't even know if they knew who I was, or maybe one knew who I was and they told each other."

[shots of Marilyn signing more autographs and getting pictures taken]

[Marilyn to camera] "I'm [garbled] all of them!"

"It's kind of embarrassing, you know, I didn't know what to do, I felt like the Easter Bunny or something."

[shots of Marilyn walking back to van]

[fan comes up and shakes his hand]

[fan] "What are you doing in Japan?"

[Marilyn] "Publicity."

[fan] "Oh yeah?"

[Marilyn] "Yeah."

[fan] "For the release of the album?"

[Marilyn] "Yeah."

[fan] "Ok, how long before?"

[Marilyn] "What's that?"

[fan] "How long you here for?"

[Marilyn] "Umm, I'm leaving tomorrow."

[shots of Marilyn getting into van, leaving mall]

MTV Diary In Its Entirety

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