Interview:2000/09/26 MTV Diary

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MTV Diary
Interview with Marilyn Manson
Date September 26, 2000

"September 26th, 2000."

[shots of Marilyn on escalator and walking towards his plane in an airport]

"I'm pretty positive when it comes to, doing you know, the less exciting elements of, you know, being in a band, having to go to Tokyo, to do press and things like that."

[shots of Marilyn at customs]

[Customs agent] "Mr. Warner."

[Marilyn] "Yeah."

[Customs agent] "I just have to ask you one question, did you pack your bags yourself?"

[Marilyn] "Yup."

[Customs agent] "No one's given you anything to carry?"

[Marilyn] "No."

[Customs agent] "Ok, you're all set."

[shots of Marilyn walking towards an airport restaurant]

"When I was 12 years old, I wouldn't have thought I would be flying to Tokyo because a bunch of people really wanted to talk to me."

[shots of Marilyn at the restaurant]

[Marilyn] "Uhh, cheeseburger plain."

"When I'm at an airport and someone recognizes me,"

[Serving Lady] "You're look so good."

[Marilyn] "Thanks."

[Serving Lady] "So so good."

"I'm always going to be flattered by it."

[Flight attendant] "Thank you."

[man walks up to Marilyn]

[Man] "Hey, what's up? How are you doing"

[Marilyn shakes his hand] "Good. Thanks. You?"

[Man] "All good. See you."

[The Speed of Pain plays in the background, shots of Marilyn getting on plane, plane taking off]

"I just think it's wild, you know, that you can go somewhere that's 16 hour time difference than us, and people know who you are, and they have your shirts and they're playing your music. It, it's just weird, you know, and I think it's great."

[music changes to The Beautiful People, Coming Up on Diary]

"I know that I don't blank out when I'm sitting there waiting.. blank out when I'm sitting there waiting.."

"September 28th, 2000."

[oriental music plays in the background, shots of Tokyo and Marilyn in the car]

[Marilyn gets out of the car, bunch of fans are waiving at him]

"I recognize a lot of the fans from Tokyo, they're very responsive,"

[shots of Marilyn signing autographs]

[Marilyn records his voice on a cellphone for a fan] "This is Marilyn Manson. Hello."

[Fan] "Oh thank you. Thank you."

[music changes to The Dope Show, shots of more fans around Marilyn]

"and very excited about all American music."

[fan talking to camera] "Marilyn Manson is good. You guys rock!"

[Marilyn signing more autographs]

[Fan] "Thank you very much."

"I'm assuming that it's part of Japanese culture. They have a real respect."

[Marilyn signing more autographs]

[Fan] "Thank you very much."

[Marilyn signing more autographs]

"They'll run up to you but they'll stand back a few feet, and they'll ask, you know, to take pictures."

[music changes to Snakeeyes & Sissies, shots of fans asking for pictures]

[Fan] "Ok?"

[Marilyn] "Sure."

"They're very respectful people. I guess it's part of, you know, growing up there."

[shots of Marilyn getting pictures taken and signing autographs]

[fan bows] "Thank you."

[Marilyn] "I liked the little guy."

[fan hands a present to Marilyn]

[Marilyn] "For me? Thank you."

"They all make a big effort to be remembered by giving you gifts and things like that."

[Marilyn is give a drawing of him from the Holywood booklet]

[Marilyn hold it up to the camera] "Oh, look at this."

[Marilyn is given a picture of a Kabuki actress]

[Marilyn] "This is really bizarre. It's good, she's good."

"It's almost like an extended family, even if you don't know their name,"

[shots of Marilyn around a mall]

[Marilyn points to a fan] "This, this girl was in our home video."

"you know their faces."

[shots of Marilyn going to a restaurant with his manager]

"As we've learned on this trip, I like to eat."

[music changes to Burning Flag, shots of Marilyn eating shrimp]

[Marilyn] "Tastes good. No rancid meat, just legs."

[Marilyn is given food in a bowl]

[Marilyn looking concerned] "We're supposed to eat this?" [points it to camere] "It looks like a cat threw up in here."

[shots of Marilyn eating]

[Marilyn sniffs a bowl] "I have to smell everything."

[Marilyn looks at a waiter] "He's got rock hair. That hair would sell records."

[Marilyn is given steaks]

"I've always liked to eat the Kobi beef steaks when I'm there. That's the best meat usually you can get, in the whole world."

[Marilyn to someone off camera] "So what do I have to do at this sales meeting?"

[Voice] "It's Tony, you and me. We've got a convention, there's like a thousand people, you're gonna go through the convention and we're on last. And Manson comes after.. "

[music changes to Coma White, shots of Marilyn riding in car, Marilyn gets out at hotel]

"Anytime I go to Japan, I'm pretty positive about it because I look at is as just another opportunity, just another experience. If I didn't really wanna do it, I wouldn't do it, because I refuse to do anything that I don't want to do."

[Marilyn to camera] "Long day tomorrow. Get some rest."

"That's the only thing you can go to bed at night being happy about is knowing that you do stuff that you believe in."

[shot of Marilyn walking to hotel room]

MTV Diary September 26, 2000

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