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MTV Diary
Interview with Marilyn Manson
Date September 25, 2000

"September 25th, 2000"

[Man That you Fear plays in the background, Marilyn is walking up stairs in his house]

"I guess I spend most of my time at home by myself, I guess I'm a loner."

[Minute of decay plays in the background, Marilyn reaches his painting room]

"It's hard for me to make time to spend with other people, part of me, is you know, is afraid to get close to people because I'm afraid that they're gonna leave in a way."

[Shots of Marilyn preparing canvas for painting.]

"I spend all of time painting"

[music changes to Little Horn, Marilyn flips through his collection of paintings]

"This is Rose and her other personality, and this one is the Easter Bunny. It's a more realistic style."

[holds up a painting of two men whos' heads are on 2 fingers making the Peace sign]

"This was in Rolling Stone, I did this, umm, with my essay about Columbine."

[music changes to Cryptorchid, more shots of Marilyn preparing canvas]

"Painting was something that if I got stuck or frustrated, umm, in creating something musically, or really just for fun if for nothing else."

[holds up a painting of Twiggy]

"This was an early charicature of Twiggy that I did, this characteristic, uhh mishapen face of Don Knotts meets uhh Gregory Heinz."

[phone rings, Marilyn picks it up]

[On the phone] "Hey, nothing mom."

"Since my parents have kind of retired I've been taking care of them."

[on the phone] "I'm uhh, I'm on TV right now"

"They were living in Ohio, but I brought them out to California."

[on the phone] "Oh yeah, here I'll put you on the speaker phone."

[Mom] "Okay. What can I say? I made the Antichrist and like you know, everything you hear about him is true, all the bad things, right?"

"Good thing that makes me happy the most is knowing that you got people around you that care about you."

[Marilyn, to mom on phone] "Why don't I call you in the morning before I leave?"

[Mom] "Okay, you want us to watch the dogs, right?"

[Marilyn] "Yeah that would be nice."

[Mom] "Okay that's then."

[Marilyn] "Alright." [turns off speaker phone] "So I'll call you in the morning. Yeah. Yeah. Yup. Nah nah nah. Alright, I love you too. Bye." [hangs up phone]

[music changes to Posthuman, Marilyn is shown walking towards his car.]

[shots of Marilyn in car, talking with driver]

"In my spare time, I'm usually, uhh, going to see a movie or something like that. Other than that, I don't like to go out that much when I'v got so much at home."

[walks up to Twiggy house and knocks on the door]

[door opens with Twiggy holding his dog]

[Marilyn] "Are you ready?"

[Twiggy] "All set."

"We picked up Twiggy that night, really had to force him to go somewhere that wasn't, uhh, the Whiskey Bar where he usually, I think he lives there at this point."

[Marilyn to camera] "It's probably not sanitary in there."

[Marilyn in the car] "Right now, my life is being recorded, they'll want this to be the soundtrack to all that's bad."

[Marilyn in the car] "I'm a little nauseous, but I suppose it's that scene with the projectile vomit is probably not gonna help."

[shots of driver, Marilyn and Twiggy going through theater]

"We both always loved the Exorcist, so it was cool that we get to go and see that and sneak up into the balcony."

[Marilyn to Twiggy] "We should have worn, uhh, like, hooded satanic robes. They wouldn't let you bring in torches would they?"

[Marilyn to camera] "There's something about when you're sitting up that you can't resist throwing shit at other people."

[Marilyn to Twiggy] "So when she pukes, we should dump it in our cokes on other people's heads." [Twiggy laughing]

[music changes to the Exorcist, shots of Marilyn watching the movie]

"When I was a kid, I think that the thing that I remember most about the Exorcist was Linda Blair being possessed by the devil and how scary that was".

[Screams in the movie, Marilyn raises an eyebrow and looks in the camera]

[music changes to Angel With The Scabbed Wings, shots of all three leaving the theater]

"It had a lot of parallels for me, because the movie was challenging different ideas about faith and it was looking at religion, uhh in a darker way. I think everybody is afraid of being possessed, growing up I was afraid of being possessed by the devil."

[Twiggy] "All right guys."

[Marilyn and driver] "All right, good night."

[Marilyn to Twiggy] "I'll see ya when I get back on Saturday."

[Twiggy to Marilyn] "Give me a call."

[Marilyn to Twiggy] "I'll probably talk to you before that a little. Alright good night."

[music changes to In The Shadow of the Valley of Death, shots of Marilyn talking with the driver]

"As an adult I'm afraid of being possessed by the world, and being possessed by ignorance and not holding on to my beliefs, and what I, what I feel strongly about."

MTV Diary September 25, 2000

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