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The Last Word
Interview with Twiggy Ramirez
Date December 1997[1]
Source Kerrang!
Interviewer Jason Arnopp

The Last Word
The ultimate questions of life, sex and watching the porn channel. This week, MARILYN MANSON man Twiggy Ramirez confides in Jason Arnopp....[2][3]

Jason Arnopp: Last time you had a fight?
Twiggy Ramirez: Probably with Liam Gallagher from Oasis, this year in New York City. Someone went to introduce us, I went to shake his hand, and he put his nose in the air. So I put my middle finger in his face. We started yelling at each other, but wound up doing cocaine until 10 o'clock in the morning. Blame it on the drugs - I think that was the only reason we were talking to each other. Apart from that, I really don't fight at all.
Jason Arnopp: Last time you threw up?
Twiggy Ramirez: During one show on the OzzFest tour this year. Dimebag Darrell poured a whole bottle of Crown Royal whisky down my throat, and I ended up puking all over my bass. It looked like Gene Simmons, but for real! The guitar techs weren't too happy - they had to clean the puke off....
Jason Arnopp: Last time you saw a ghost?
Twiggy Ramirez: Patrick Swayze? Er, whether I believe in ghosts depends on what day of the week it is. I change my mind….
Jason Arnopp: Last time you had a serious argument with Marilyn?
Twiggy Ramirez: We argue with each other on stage and fight a lot, but after we walk off it’s like it never really happened. It’s always onstage, but it stays on that stage.
Jason Arnopp: Last time you viewed hardcore porn?
Twiggy Ramirez: Just last night on Spectravision. The first few minutes of Spectravision are free, so it’s a contest to see if you can masturbate quick enough before it ends. I always end up having to pay, because they don’t really turn me on that much. Sometimes you can put ‘em on, if you have a girl in your room, and the girl’s not that exciting....
Jason Arnopp: Last time you had groupie sex?
Twiggy Ramirez: What, like I did it with somebody in a band? Probably quite recently. Sometimes I think that bands are just as much groupies as the groupies that come to our shows. But I like groupies!
Jason Arnopp: Last time you felt ashamed of yourself?
Twiggy Ramirez: Shame is a useless emotion. But probably when you wake up with someone you thought was a lot better looking!
Jason Arnopp: Last time you were afraid?
Twiggy Ramirez: When I heard Tony Wiggins speak. I don’t know what he means in Europe, but he is definitely stronger than the Antichrist. They even have the same moustache and beard! He’s just an American redneck. In Madrid, they have the only statue of Lucifer in the world, and we went to see it. And when we found it, Tony Wiggins was standing there.
Jason Arnopp: Last time you were caught masturbating?
Twiggy Ramirez: When you called!
Jason Arnopp: Last time you broke the law?
Twiggy Ramirez: No comment. In some way or another, we break the law every day.
Jason Arnopp: Last time you put a road cone on your head and pretended to be a witch?
Twiggy Ramirez: A witch? I had to put a gramophone on my head for a photo for the Antichrist Superstar album - that kinda looked like a witch. A road cone might be good, though, like a dunce hat.
Jason Arnopp: Last time you cried?
Twiggy Ramirez: Probably during the recording of Antichrist Superstar, for some reason or another. Personal stuff. It might have been happy or sad stuff. There’s nothing wrong with crying, but I don’t cry often.
Jason Arnopp: Last time you faked an orgasm?
Twiggy Ramirez: Sometimes you fake when you orgasm too early, and then you pretend you don’t want to have sex with the person so they don’t think you’re a lousy lay!
Jason Arnopp: Last great film you saw?
Twiggy Ramirez: The special edition of Star Wars. Star Wars is one of my favorite movies. It was sort of like my parent, growing up.
Jason Arnopp: How long can you last?
Twiggy Ramirez: As long as it takes!

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