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Interview with Marilyn Manson
Date 1996
Interviewer Couzin Ed

Couzin Ed: You're a guy and your name is Marilyn?

Marilyn Manson: Yeah.

Couzin Ed: You're a dude with a chick name, as they say.

Marilyn Manson: Yeah.

Couzin Ed: Oh, this is Marilyn Manson?

Marilyn Manson: Yeah.

Couzin Ed: Alright, let me get this outta the way first. Let's get the one cliche question outta the way, just to please the mainstream audience, alright?

Marilyn Manson: Alright.

Couzin Ed: ...cos they're out there and, y'know, they pay the bills.

Marilyn Manson: Alright.

Couzin Ed: What's the deal with the name-thing again.

Marilyn Manson: Uh, Marilyn Monroe and Charles Manson were the two people that stood out from my childhood. So I thought putting them together was a nice contrast.

Couzin Ed: So, everybody in the band has, like, some superstar's first name and some killer's last name.

Marilyn Manson: It works out that way.

Couzin Ed: Who else do we got, real quick?

Marilyn Manson: Twiggy Ramirez, Madonna Wayne Gacy, Ginger Fish and Daisy Berkowitz.

Couzin Ed: (Laughing) Now, if the Grammys had an ugly band category, do you think you guys deserve a nomination?

Marilyn Manson: I think so. We're tryin' to bring ugliness back to rock n' roll.

Couzin Ed: It's a good thing. Y'know, I've been tellin' people nationwide for almost a year now, looks do not matter. ... That's why I'm in radio.

Marilyn Manson: Ha, ha.

Couzin Ed: I'm not as ugly as you, but I definitely don't belong out there in the public scene. Do you have any trouble getting dates?

Marilyn Manson: Uh, not because of that, no.

Couzin Ed: Not because of the looks thing.

Marilyn Manson: No.

Couzin Ed: Your personality and charm sells you, doesn't it?

Marilyn Manson: Yeah, that's what does it.

Couzin Ed: On the subject of the CD, what exactly do children smell like?

Marilyn Manson: Uh, that's a reference to the film, "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang," have you ever seen that?

Couzin Ed: Yes, I have! When I was, like, seven. I remember that.

Marilyn Manson: The child snatcher....

Couzin Ed: Uh huh.

Marilyn Manson: the character that I look a lot like, people always tell me. His job was to smell children and would, uh, take them and lock 'em up.

Couzin Ed: Ha, ha.

Marilyn Manson: That's the inspiration for that song.

Couzin Ed: I saw you guys in '95 at The Malibu in, uh, Long Beach, N.Y. You had dead babies and clotheslines with blood-stained baby clothes on them. What's the message there?

Marilyn Manson: I don't know. Y'know, I walk on stage, whatever's there is there. I just put on a lot of makeup and try and look as ugly as possible.

Couzin Ed: Now, being that your demographic stretches into the teen ages, do you ever catch any flak from kids' mothers at shows?

Marilyn Manson: Yeah, definitely.

Couzin Ed: What's the most ridiculous complaint you've ever had from a mother? Have you ever spoken with the mothers?

Marilyn Manson: Sometimes the cops knock on our doors in the middle of the night looking for their runaway teenage daughters and stuff like that.

Couzin Ed: We've got them locked up, we're smelling them.

Marilyn Manson: Yeah.

Couzin Ed: You appeared on Donahue Show, last year? And ironically, the show was cancelled completely after that. Did you put a curse on ol' Phil?

Marilyn Manson: Well, he made, uh, sexual passes at us and most people don't know that he wears a wig, I believe. In fact, I think that he even wears, like, a latex mask.

Couzin Ed: So you think Phil's a transvestite?

Marilyn Manson: He's something, or else he's in the witness protection plan.

Couzin Ed: Now, let me get this straight, 'cos I get a little confused when it gets into that little category. Any man that puts on female clothes and any female that puts on male clothes, is that what the definition of transvestite is?

Marilyn Manson: I guess so, but y'know you make up your own definitions as you go along.

Couzin Ed: What is your definition?

Marilyn Manson: Of a transvestite?

Couzin Ed: Yeah.

Marilyn Manson: I guess that's about right. I would agree with that.

Couzin Ed: Now, I've heard rumors that you use to dress up in your mother's clothes when you were little.

Marilyn Manson: Ha, ha.

Couzin Ed: Does that make you a transvestite?

Marilyn Manson: I still would dress up with 'em, but I'm too big for 'em now. I'm too tall.

Couzin Ed: Has she seen your picture inside the Lunch Box CD?.

Marilyn Manson: Yeah. See, ironically she took a picture like that of me when I was about six ...

Couzin Ed: Really?

Marilyn Manson: ... in a similar kind of pose.

Couzin Ed: Did you have your penis stuck between your legs still?

Marilyn Manson: No, but I had my hand over it. Because it was just a handfull at that point.

Couzin Ed: I remember when I was in college once, and we stole this girl's camera, from the girl who was in the room right down the hall from me. And all the guys did the exact same thing and we took pictures of ourselves and she didn't know 'til she developed 'em. This is hilarious. Who taught you to put lipstick on?

Marilyn Manson: Uh, I'm not that good at coloring in the lines in coloring books either.

Couzin Ed: Alright, straight to the point, are you a satanist?

Marilyn Manson: Uh, I think I'm a lot bigger than Satan at this point.

Couzin Ed: Ha, ha! I consider that worse than what John Lennon said. "We're bigger than God, we're bigger than Jesus," you're bigger than Satan!

Marilyn Manson: Absolutely.

Couzin Ed: That's why you guys didn't show up at the studio here 'cos our music director has Jesus tattoos all over him, and it was that force holding you back, wasn't it?

Marilyn Manson: (Laughing) It might have been.

Couzin Ed: What animal's blood tastes the best to you?

Marilyn Manson: What animal?

Couzin Ed: Yes.

Marilyn Manson: Uh, chicken, of course.

Couzin Ed: Ha, ha, it all tastes like chicken?

Marilyn Manson: Yeah.

Couzin Ed: Now, can you put curses on people and things?

Marilyn Manson: Well, I think a lot of times you don't have to punish people because usually they're left to dealt with the fact that when they wake up in the morning they're gonna suck anyway so there's not much more that you can do to 'em to punish 'em, 'cos their lives are so terrible as it is.

Couzin Ed: I wanted you to put a curse on somebody that works here. They have it out for me, come on. You can't do that via the radio?

Marilyn Manson: I'll put it on my list, like Santa Claus.

Couzin Ed: Things to do.

Marilyn Manson: Yeah.

Couzin Ed: Next year Marilyn Manson, he's gonna come through with my gift, a curse on somebody that works here who's name I won't mention, Jodi Vale. See, it's just like that.