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Marilyn Manson Blow Up
Interview with Marilyn Manson
Date November 8, 1996
Source MTV News [1]
Interviewer MTV news staff
Nov. 8, 1996 — The lovably repulsive Marilyn Manson personally brought the spirit of Halloween to Philadelphia on Wednesday night, his spirits uncharacteristically lifted by the debut of the band’s new album in the “Billboard” Top 10. :Does this mean Manson is now mainstream?

FAN 1: Manson is king. He’s here, I feel him…

MTV: Yes, if there’s a king of Halloween it surely must be Marilyn Manson.

FAN 2: Manson! Manson! Manson!

MTV: But for the anti-star himself, Halloween is just another bleak day of the year.

MARILYN MANSON: I’m sure people expect something extra on Halloween, but that to me it’s has just been the day where the rest of the world gets to catch up with our everyday existence. There’s been a lot of rumors going around, this year that I was going to kill myself. It was probably hopeful parents thinking that they would have been ridding the world of Marilyn Manson, but unfortunately I plan on being around a bit longer to make things uncomfortable for everyone.

MTV: Marilyn Manson has been spreading discomfort on the pop charts lately, with a new album, “Anti-Christ Superstar” that debuted at number 3 last week, sandwiched between Nirvana, and hold on to your pentagrams, Kenny G.

MANSON: It’s definitely a sign of the apocalypse. My idea about music has always been, rather than be suppressed by the mainstream, to infiltrate it and change what it’s about, with your popularity, it’s almost a free ticket to get away with more. It kind of backfired on America.

MTV: Manson’s assault on good taste continues with his “Beautiful People,” video which features some alarming oral devices.

MANSON: I’m a big fan of prosthetics and other medical fetishes. It was an interesting thing. It was used for dental operations and things of that nature. It did leave some bad cuts in my mouth that will unfortunately, probably never heal. But, you always have to suffer to make something great.

FAN 3: I’m not a big fan, but I just came here to be scared, because it’s Halloween.

FAN 4: Hey, what better time to see a freaky band, then on the freakiest holiday of the year?

MANSON: Halloween was always more, for me… I was always more into the trick, then the treat. I used to put dog manure in a bag and light it on fire, and then knock on someone’s door and then they’d stomp it out. I always liked doing that. I guess on a greater scale, that’s what Marilyn Manson is to some people in America, a bad prank on some of the more conservative people in America. They get a little Marilyn Manson on their shoe.


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