Interview:1996/05/30 CFNY

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CFNY's The Edge, 102.1 Marilyn Manson Radio Interview
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Interview with Marilyn Manson
Date May 30, 1996
Source Archived fansite
Interviewer Martin Streek

Martin: Martin Streek with you here, Pete Fowler as well, and our guest host this evening, all the way from florida, Mr. Marilyn Manson, Welcome to Toronto, How you doing?

Rev: Thanks (Crowd screams + claps), I actually live in New Orleans now

Martin: That's what I was going to ask. I understand Trent Reznor opened up a studio home down there, and That's where you flew up from here from. You missed a plane this afternoon. Didn't you have trouble getting into the country or something like that?

Rev: Yeah, strip search, anal cavities thing.

Martin: Really, and how was that? You can't buy that on the street ya know

Rev: I told them not to wear the glove (crowd giggles)

Pete: Oh, nice, I have to sit beside him. Just kidding, you want a jolly rancher? I've got strawberry...

Rev: Ya know, its wierd that you guys sound like men, the way that you look like women, That's wierd (crowd giggles)

Pete: Get your hand off my leg

Rev: If you could see them now

Martin: Did you just wink at me? Was that a wink?

Pete: He touched me

Martin: Well, right on. Well, what we're pretty much going to do is we're going to have the mic on throughout the evening. You can jump in whenever you want, and uh.

Pete: You can take questions, also from the crowd

Martin: We will be taking questions sometime throughout the evening, and uh yeah, that sort of thing, so we're just going to roll into the top, or into the middle third of the thursday 30 (random stuff talking about Dave Matthews Band)

Pete: What did you write? Oh, is this what you wrote. Thank you Marilyn, can I keep that?

Rev: No, I'm going to use that later to..

Pete: Oh, ok, thanks a lot. I can't read that.

Martin: You were just mentioning before that you now live in New Orleans, You are originally from Tampa Bay Florida. Tampa bay, is that where you're from?

Rev: Ft. Lauderdale

Martin: Now, thats an area that had a lot of republicans for like the last 50 years or something stupid like that. Now how does a band like yourself, or some of the other bands like genetorturers or some of the death metal bands. How do they get looked upon by all these floridians over the beginning of you band, or these bands. How does that go?

Rev: Well, the thing is, I think its the environment that creates bands like us, because its so conservative there that there is a need for something like this. So thats why it comes about.

Martin: Um, something kinda funny, that actually looking at most of the people in this room . Most of these people don't dress like fans of any other band, I mean thats, uh, I don't know if thats something thats their own creativity, or something thats followed by I guess your lead and other members of the band. Do you feel any responsibility to these people? Like, you've got to remember that as much as they're here, surrounded by their friends, these people have to walk the streets of the cities and towns that they are from, and I like to think that we're kind of safe because there's so many of us that are like this, but there are parts of the country, and other countries where people who dress like this and walk down the street might be in some sort of danger because of the way that they look.

Pete: Good Question

Rev: The more people that do what they want to do, it creates more people to do that and then eventually, these people these people won't be the minority any more, these will be the majority (crowd cheers)

Pete: I've got a question, when growing up and stuff, what was your favorite cartoon?

Rev: Umm, I think I first got an erection watching scooby doo. I had something for dafney.

Pete: Oh! Dafeny! See, very few people like dafney, but she was one of the coolest, I mean, she had glasses, short brown hair, orange sweater.

Rev: Red hair, No no, That was the ugly girl with the glasses.

Pete: Well, then I liked the ugly one I guess. I thought she was nice.

Rev: Dafney was a smarthead.

Pete: I thought she was nice

Martin: I wasn't allowed to watch cartoons when I was a kid. There was somebody that was here, like last week, so we're going to give him, or her a chance at the mic first, whichever way you look at it. You have a question for Marilyn Manson?

Boy: Yeah, um, I just wanted to know if you'll take me and my friend rob into the back room and have sex with us?

Pete: Are you going to answer that?

Rev: I can't answer that.

Martin: Good for you, good answer, good answer. How are you feeling about Lollapalooza? Its a little different than it has been in the previous years and it looks like Mr. Perry Farrel, the brainchild behind the whole thing has opted not to go lollapalooza with his new band Porno For Pyros. How do you feel about that?

Rev: Its lame.

Martin: Its a lame bill this year, or its lame that he's not on the bill

Rev: Both

Martin: Both?

Rev: Uh, I don't know, it started out, what it was the first year, I thought it was real important, and the bands that were in it, but I think it went kinda downhill after that.

Martin: Yeah, was there one year that you liked more than the rest?

Rev: I think the first year was, ya know, butthole surfers, and NIN, and jane's addiction, it was a great tour.

Martin: Its kinda neat to think that butthole surfers got on that bill, they didn't even have a record deal at that time. When they were on lollapalooza for the first year.

Rev: Yeah, I heard that involved anal sex or something, but um, yeah, I don't think its about the same thing anymore. I mean, its alright, and I like some of the bands, but I think what it was meant to be was kind of revolutionary, but thats not what it is anymore. People like me, we try to keep that kind of thing alive. Try to make some kind of difference with music. I don't know if thats what its about anymore but...

Martin: With 1996 being, like the year of the festival concert, have you been approached on any of the, like EdenFest is the big one, like 3 days here in Ontario, 3 days of some major bands, did you get asked to be on any of the festivals for this summer?

Rev: Uh, we got asked to be on a lot of tours, but we had to turn them all down because we're working on our new record.

Martin: And you're doing that in New Orleans, at the studio there?

Rev: Yeah

Martin: Who are you working with on that one?

Rev: Um, Trent is working on that, again, so.

Martin: All right, cool. So, how are you diggin Toronto so far? I know you've been here a couple of times, but uh.

Rev: Well, last time I was here I had to go to the hospital because I hit my keyboard player in the head and he almost bled to death, which sucked, but.

Pete: Was it a nice hospital?

Rev: Um, they didn't give me any prescription drugs, so I'm going to have to say no.

Martin: What are you looking for?

Rev: Whatever

Pete: Are you offering him prescription drugs?

Martin: No, I don't have any prescription drugs

Rev: So I was, uh, so far so good, I mean everybody came here

Martin: Well, pretty much the first chance that people had a chance to see Marilyn Manson live, back August 4th, 5th or 6th, something like that. Nine Inch Nails, soundgarden, you guys, UMI and PWEI hit molson park in Barrie. That was a fantastic show, but I understand that that was the only show that you did with all of those bands together, is that correct?

Rev: Thats right

Martin: And then I guess January 2nd of 3rd you guys were in Montreal and you teamed up with Jim Rose Side Show Circus and Nine Inch Nails.

Rev: Right

Martin: Who is your favorite people to tour with? I would imagine you've been out on the road with quite a few bands.

Pete: Would you tour with Iron Maiden?

Rev: I would tour with iron maiden, if they had the big eddie guy in the skeleton costume. I guess Nine Inch Nails, ya know, cuz we're all friends, but Ya know, I can't really think of anybody else. I mean, the other bands we've toured with weren't that enjoyable.

Martin: Really? I would imagine as well, that theres probably a lot of states, probably around the Utah, Colorado area that probably don't put out the big welcome mat when Marilyn Manson is coming to town. What's the most outrageous thing that someone has gone to to try to stop Marilyn Manson from coming to town? I'm sure that there are some bizarre stories, give us a good one.

Rev: Salt Lake City. I mean, uh, they offered us $10,000 not to play. But I went on stage and tore up the mormon bible and they didn't give us the money.

Martin: Ooh, thats a good one

Rev: Ya gotta do what ya gotta do

Martin: For starters, we should probably say that the first question we had tonight came from Joe and his friend and the next one comes from, we have Lexis up at the mic. Lexis, you have a question.

Lexis: Hi, um, I just have to tell you that no matter what you say, you are a rock star, and I just think that you've really sold yourself out, and I just think that you aren't what you were when you started, and you never will be again. I know it doesn't hurt your feelings, I know you don't give a fuck, because I'm just some chick, but I really think that, do you dig having your, your fucking EP sell more that portrait? Which obviously meant a lot more to you. (*Note: Martin Kept grunting on ever one of her points. Really silly*)

Rev: I can't really control what people buy, but I mean, I don't think I've changed what I'm about, I think I put out music that I believe in, and I can't control what people like. I haven't changed my ideals, and I haven't changed the way that I treat people.

Lexis: Listen, Ok, I'm not trying to argue with you

Rev: I'm listening to you, I'm not trying to argue

Lexis: I just think that you've become, not really corporate, just I mean, you've got fucking people out there who don't even own portrait, they're just here because they like sweet dreams. How does that make you feel?

Rev: No, I understand, but you're judging me because of the people that like the music, and thats.. Well, heres the, heres the one thing that I, listen, Heres the one thing that I've got to say thats important. If you people care about what I say....

Lexis: We do

Rev: You want more people to hear what I have to say, so I think if more people are hearing it, its a good thing.

Lexis: Yeah, it is a good thing, its just that some people aren't

Rev: Cuz I haven't changed what I'm saying

Lexis: Some people aren't getting what you have to say and they're just doing it because its trendy.

Rev: Well, they will.

Lexis: Ok, I just wanted you to know that you are a rock star now, and you're gong to have to deal with that.

Rev: Well, that dosen't change what I'm about

Lexis: I know, I know I know you said you never wanted to be a rock star, but

Rev: No, I never said that. I always said I wanted to be a rock star, but that dosen't mean I changed what I'm about.

Lexis: Well, Ok

Rev: And I respect what you have to say, you just have to understand that you can't judge me for what people like the music, ya know? You should be happy that these people at least like Marilyn Manson instead of Hootie And The Blowfish. (big cheers)

Lexis: Its a jealous thing, I'm just the jealous bitch, and I just had to get that off.

Rev: I know, I understand where you're coming from

Lexis: Thank you

Rev: I felt the same way about KISS.

Martin: Oh yeah, that must be one of the hardest things, being an artist who was putting out products for the longest time, who was looked upon by the majority of the people as something wierd and untouchable, and once the public, not because of your doing, but you put product out that going to be bought by anybody. Thats why you put stuff out. So that somebody will go to the store and buy it. You haven't done anything different, but all of a sudden people are catching on to what you're doing, and then all of a sudden, you have these people who are under the impression that you, ya know, went home and did this secret spell to become this superstar status.

Rev: Well, that's absolutely true, I, of course, did sell my soul to get to this place, but the thing is, you have to understand that thats what its about. If you don't get your message across to people then what's the point of having the message? If she's afraid of having the mainstream hear what Marilyn Manson is, see, the more people hear it, then we become the mainstream, and then its not the mainstream anymore

Martin: If you didn't want people to like it, it would be crap, wouldn't it?

Rev: Sure

Pete: ..And sitting at song # 13 on the thursday thirty is smashing pumpkins with "tonight tonight"

Rev: Hey, did you know that, um, Billy Corgan wears a toupee, and I revealed that on a New York City radio station

Pete: I thought he shaved his head

Rev: Well, after I revealed he had a toupee

Pete: really?

Rev: Yeah, sure

Martin: Wow, you should be on hard copy man, you get all the dirt

Pete: You rock

Rev: Oh I do, I do, I've seen courtney love naked also

Martin: EEW!, god

Pete: So have a lot of other people

Rev: That was right before I went in the hospital

Martin: I guess, Looking for the prescription drugs no doubt.(goes into whole spiel that has nothing to do with MM) ... and that is sponsored by Pepsi

Pete: I've got a couple of questions

Rev: You know that I won't drink pepsi.

Martin: Really? and why is that?

Rev: I'm against it. I don't know, I have to have some morals, so I just don't drink pepsi.

Pete: What do you drink, jolt?

Rev: Coke

Pete: Oh, you do, do you?

Rev: I like coke

Pete: Jolt's is like heavy caffeine, if he's you know.

Rev: Coke is better because, you know, not only is it named after a drug, Its red and black and white. Its got nice colors. Pepsi is so american, Michael Jackson, You know, his hair caught on fire because of pepsi, and the mormons drink pepsi.

Pete: Speaking of religion (starts laughing) the mormons drink pepsi.

Martin: Now here's something, Robert Smith grew up as a Catholic, Tori Amos rebelled against her religious upbringing, What kind of religious upbringing did you have?

Rev: I have a christian upbringing.

Martin: You do, was it very tight, like did you go to church on a regular basis?

Rev: You mean, did they have to use KY-Jelly?

Martin: Well, whatever. Like I said, did you have to go to church on sunday?

Rev: No, um, no I went to a christian school. I didn't really have to go to church but they tried to incorporate god into everything like math and everything, so.

Pete: God in math?

Rev: So, we had like 5 jews, crucified one jesus, and how many sinners did you get? (Laughs) No, they did.

Pete: Cuz I had a christian upbringing too, and it was something else.

Rev: Well, I'm sorry for you (more laughs)

Martin: I think christians in Florida are a little bit different than christians north of the border.

Rev: No, but that uh, that, I wasn't really allowed to listen to rock music and stuff, so that started, everything I wasn't allowed to do is what I got interested in. At the end of High School I got kicked out because I was just trying my hardest to do something that would get me expelled, so what I ended up doing, was, during prayer, in chapel, which they had every thursday, When everyone had their head bowed I was stealing money out of girls purses.

Pete: What did you want to be when you grew up? Like back when you were a kid, did you always want to be like in a band, or did you want to be like a fire truck?

Rev: Actually, I used to, uh, I used to want to be a writer, I wanted to write stories, but Uh I tried that and I found that this was a better way to get things across this way.

Pete: Who was your favorite member of kiss?

Rev: I guess, uh, Gene Simmons

Martin: We get to open up the floor mic again, somebody named toby is up at the mic.

Toby: All right, what influences your music, of all things. Like what influences your songs, like Wrapped In Plastic, Dogma, what made you like, write them?

Rev: I'm influenced by everything I see around me, You know, I take in a lot, I'm kind of a observer, I like to sit around and watch people, I like to see how people do things, Um, I write down things that I have in dreams a lot, um, I try and put myself through a lot of different experiences so I can learn from them, You know, I've done a lot of things in my time, done a lot of drugs, done a lot of messed up things, you know, and gone through it, and seen it all, and been back, and I feel like I've got a good outlook on everything now that I've experienced everything. So, I try and uh, just take everything in. You know, there's not one thing that inspires me.

Toby: Well then, what's the obsession with kids?

Rev: Well, I think it was just, uh, my childhood was very a strange one. When I was 12, I got my first exposure to sex because I had a real wierd grandfather who had a lot of strange pornography in his basement. you know, I started going through it and I found it, and it was a lot of wierd stuff, you know with animals, and you know, stuff that you wouldn't really expect to find in your grandfather's house. And that's how I got introduced to everything, and it gave me a strange outlook. And uh, I went through a lot of things as a kid, so I think that as an adult, I kind of became the things that terrified me as a kid. Smells Like children was supposed to be a bit of a children's record, but uh, you know, Marilyn Manson style, and uh, the child snatcher in that story chitty chitty bang bang was one of the things that influenced the title of that, because he was a guy who, whose job was to smell out children, and kidnap them and lock them away, but I was real scared of him when I was a kid, but when I got older, a lot of people told me I look like him, so It kinda, I guess, because part of my personality.

Martin: Because of your religions background, and some of the things that you are saying that happened to you as a kid when you were growing up, what does your mom say to you? Like, she obviously probably has copies of your album, has seen all the T-shirts that you put out, What does your mom say to you at christmas time? like "My son, he's in a rock band, he plays music" when she's talking to you, like, how does she feel about all of this?

Rev: I guess she's, I don't know if she understands everything, you know, and she probably feels a little bit responsible for the way I've turned out, but um, she's pretty accepting with the music and everything. She just, um, asks me not to smash beer bottles on myself. that's the only thing she doesn't like

Martin: Right on, take care of yourself more or less. *NOTE: after this, Sweet dreams was played (#14) and it was introduced as being from the "smells like chicken EP" :)*

Rev: What were you doing in the bathroom earlier?

Martin: Why?

Pete: No, that was me, I went in right after you

Rev: Oh, ok.

Pete: You left a mess man.

Martin: That wasn't that much of a mess. We just played Marilyn Manson Sweet Dreams, now here's a question, I have no idea. In the United States, you have to get clearance to record somebody else's music if it appears on a soundtrack of if you print the lyrics, is that correct?

Rev: Uh huh

Martin: Now, you haven't done either, so you didn't have to get permission for this, to do this eurythmics track? or did you?

Rev: No, we did a cover of it, uh, all the money goes to the people who wrote it, which would be dave stewart.

Martin: Ok, now how do you divy up the money to dave stewart? Now how does that work out?

Marilyn Manson: He gets all of it

Pete: Oh, he gets all of it.

Rev: But it was a great song that I like a lot, and I liked the lyrics, and I wanted to do it in a way that the people would really get to hear the way I saw it. I thought it was a dark song about relationships, so you know, I didn't care about the money, I just wanted to do the song.

Martin: Yeah, I saw the video for it a couple times, as a matter of fact, its probably one of my favorite videos now, who did the video behind that? Who did all the work for that?

Rev: A guy named Dean Karr.

Martin: Oh yeah, that looked like it must have been a lot of fun to shoot that video.

Rev: It took me five days.

Martin: Really? that's pretty quick.

Rev: I had, uh, crickets in my mouth, I had live birds pecking on my skin, and I rode a pig.

Martin: Right on, is this your first time riding a pig?

Pete: Yeah, what do you drive anyway? Do you drive a car?

Rev: No, I don't drive

Pete: If you were to drive, what car would you like? Are you a ford probe guy, or like a trans am?

Rev: I don't really like cars, I don't even care

Martin: Do you have a license?

Rev: Yeah, but um,

Martin: Do you go go-carting, when you were in florida you go go-carting? They've got great go-cart tracks in florida.

Rev: No, I don't even like cars. When I was a kid, all my friends used to have hot rods and I didn't like cars. I was the little sissy who rode the bus and got beat up.

Pete: If you were to name a couple of movies you've always really liked, no matter old or new, what would they be?

Rev: Um, I really like, uh, everything that David Lynch has done and I like a movie that I just saw that everybody should check out called the begotten, and its a, its a real small film, nobody really saw it, but uh, a director that we're looking to work with in the future.

Martin: Looking to do any more covers in the near future, or are you gonna focus mainly on..

Rev: Nope, no more covers for me

Pete: Not even KISS?

Rev: Nope, Um, no, our new record is done, we're getting ready to mix it and its, uh..

Martin: So what's the name of this new album?

Rev: Antichrist Superstar.

Martin: Antichrist superstar. Its says on the back of your T-shirt here "The time is close, it is quite clear, our antichrist is almost here" now you guys put out lots of T-shirts with like, lots of bizarre stuff on the back I'm sure you've had some ideas where you just went "Aww, that's a little too far, there's a no way we could do that"

Pete: Wait, could you say that again?

Martin: Yeah, hold on a sec

Rev: Nothing is too far as far as I'm concerned

Martin: "The time is close, it is quite clear, our antichrist is almost here."

Pete: Ya know, that's almost a slayer line from the first album. Show no mercy.

Rev: Its an old, its taken from a biblical quote, I didn't..

Pete: Uh Huh, I think they took it from a biblical quote too, but that's..

Martin: that's kinda cool. What are you listening to these days? What do you listen to?

Rev: Um, my favorite records right now would be diamond dogs-bowie, and the white album, and I just got, uh, The new James Hall CD which is kind of good.

Martin: Yeah, that's kind of neat. What was the first record you ever bought?

Rev: Kiss alive 2

Martin: Kiss alive 2.. Were you in the kiss army, do you have the patch for the back of your jean jacket?

Rev: Yeah, I met Gene Simmons recently, but he was, um, he was dressed kind of like my mom would and he had on a wierd (audience, martin and pete laugh) black wig that looked like it was made of cotton candy, I don't know, but...I don't think it was really him.

Pete: I've always liked Ace Freehly. that was my favorite, and yours is Gene, Eh?

Rev: Yeah, so

Pete: How about you martin? You like that Peter kriss guy?

Martin: Yeah, I was pretty much into peter kriss. *station plays a few songs, comes back* We were talking over dinner this evening, and you were telling me about a bad story about a couple of girls down in the california area who tied themselves together, put on a Marilyn Manson T-shirt and jumped off a bridge. How do you feel about that when you hear bad stuff like that. Personally, I don't see how it could be tied to you, but I know that I would imagine that parents and things are going "Its your fault. You are the one responsible." How do you feel?

Rev: I can't help it if people have decided that the world is too shitty for them to live in, but its not my fault. Maybe I clued them into that, but um, I've always thought that um, if that's what you want then that's what you are going to do. that's not what I'm about, I'm about enjoying life, so, um, if people are stupid enough to kill themselves than that's what they deserve really then.

Martin: Hmm. that's a good point. Its just that, I would imagine its difficult, you've probably had phone calls to management or you label for that matter of parents saying "Wait a second, they had your T-shirt on, they were listening to your album at the time". Its...

Rev: Well, if they raised the kids to be that ignorant than they are the ones to blame.

Pete: How did you do in school anyway?

Rev: I got c's because I didn't really care

Pete: What was your best subject? did you have a best subject?

Rev: Health (laughs from crowd)

Pete: Health? Really? Health? What was yours martin?

Martin: Uh, what? Recess was pretty cool, I thought. A chance to get out on the field (Commercial break, they come back and are talking about the crow 2 soundtrack)

Pete: What bands are on the soundtrack anyway?

Rev: I would have liked to have seen a little more Iron Maiden on the soundtrack, but unfortunately.

Pete: Something from like, the killers album, right? Or the first one? Or maybe even piece of mind

Rev: No, I don't really know too much about the soundtrack, but um.. I don't really have a comment on it. (Another cut, this time they play a track off the new KMFDM album XTORT, they're talking about the special guests on the album)

Rev: Didn't Nicko McBrain from Iron Maiden play drums on that?

Martin: Ya know what, I was reading, I didn't see his name in there....

Pete: Stop touching my mic (martin laughs) he's like wrecking my microphone.

Martin: From the album Evil Emipre this is Rage Against The Machine and Bulls On Parade

Rev: isn't that balls on parade?

Martin: No, its bulls actually. Well, maybe I've got a misprint here. Nope, it says bulls.

Pete: He's funny, can we keep him?

Martin: Lets keep him around for a while. No, you want to leave to go see pulp.

Pete: No, he's fun

Rev: I gotta go to jail later.

Martin: (laughs) We're all going to jail later I think.

Rev: I think so. (Play song)

Pete: And that's goldfinger.

Rev: I'm going to sue that band.

Martin: Why?

Rev: Cuz they're making my life miserable with that awful music they're playing.

Pete: Really?

Martin: But then again, you like the beatles white album, so

Rev: I don't know. I have to have an opinion on something, so...

Martin: You've got to have an opinion

Pete: I'm glad you've got an opinion

Rev: You can't love everybody.

Pete: There's too many people out there that are wallpaper these days. Its nice seeing somebody stand up for what they think.

Rev: Yeah.

Martin: And we've got another question from the floor. Bill, head your way up over there to the mic and..

Bill: Hi marilyn

Rev: How you doing man.

Bill: I just want to say that you're the biggest positive roll model I think, and uh, I want to know what is the abbey of thelema?

Rev: Thanks. Its uh, something that Alester Crowley had to do with, if you read any of the stuff that he wrote. A notorious antichrist from the 1800's who died of a drug addiction unfortunately. But a great writer.

Pete: Do you remember Mr. Crawley by, what was that, Sabbath or ozzy?

Rev: No, that was ozzy

Pete: Yeah, that was ozzy

Martin: You metal heads man, I don't know, I grew up listening to the clash and the sex pistols, I was getting beat up my metal heads all the time.

Pete: Really? we didn't beat up anyone. We actually got beat up.

Martin: You were the rare.

Rev: That's strange because you're wearing that winger t-shirt right now.

Martin: A winger t-shirt? Hey, its helix man.

Pete: Did you ever notice that poison hair cut martin has?

Martin: So I drive a tow truck in my spare time what about it? You got a problem with that? I've got a couple of questions. For starters, out of, I guess Genetorturers is pretty much the only.. are you friends with the Genetorturers?

Rev: Yeah, I am as a matter of fact.

Pete: Other than Nine Inch Nails and Genetorturers, who do you hang out with? like, who are your friends?

Rev: I don't have friends

Martin: Bullshit

Rev: I go from working on a record to go home, you can't say bullshit on the radio.

Martin: I didn't say that. That was pete....

Rev: I have a dog, I have a dog named lydia, but I really want a boy dog so I call it walter, so in turn I have a dog with like a split personality, so I kind of have two dogs, and the dog shits enough that its worth two dogs so.. And I know I can't say shit, but I'll just say it again.

Martin: Too late now.

Rev: So that's my only friend, is a dog.

Pete: Really.

Martin: Pete.

Pete: That's sad.

Martin: Do you have a dog?

Rev: Its a sad story, isn't it

Pete: I had a dog, it was a golden labrador retriever, and we called it kelly, but it was only one dog, and it only, that word that he used, that I can't use on the air, it did enough for one dog, not two.

Martin: Right on. While you are touring around, I would imagine that all kinds of young and upcoming artists are always coming going "Oh please, listen to my tape" Is there anybody that you've come across that you think might have some promise that you've been listening to in the last little while?

Rev: I don't know, I tell em all you have to sleep your way to the top.

Martin: And you tell them to start right here? Is that what you say (laughingly)

Pete: Is that what you did?

Rev: No, no no. I haven't actually gotten to hear a lot of...

Martin: No?

Rev: No.

Martin: That's a little bit of a drag, from what I can guess, I talk to so many artists who say.. for instance, this UMI band. I guess its soundgarden who brought onto that.. You can't think of any bands that you've heard that you think "Wow, this is a band that might have what the next flavor of the month is going to be."

Rev: I hate music, so I don't know. I hate myself, I hate our music.

Pete: Really?

Rev: I hate you.

Martin: Thank you.

Pete: Really, cuz we love you.

Martin: Well at least I made the list. I feel pretty good because I made the list.

Pete: I want to make the list.

Rev: No, honestly, I haven't really seen to many bands, sorry.

Martin: What was the last good concert you went to?

Rev: Um..

Martin: Although I know you hate concerts and you hate music but there's got to be something you saw you liked.

Rev: No, I saw radiohead in new york and surprisingly I really liked that. It doesn't seem like, you know, people wouldn't think I would like something like that but I did.

Martin: No, I wouldn't have guessed that. We have a large contingency of great radiohead fans here in toronto, they do very well.. Hey! quit throwing stuff! I can't believe it, you almost took my eye out.

Rev: (as the station goes to commercial) what was that white powder stuff you gave me earlier?

Martin: We're going to the floor now, we've got a friend Michelle up at the mic to ask him a question. Go ahead michelle.

Mich.: Ok, first of all, can you say hi to my mom and dad, they're at home listening.

Rev: Hi mom and dad

Mich.: (laughing) they love you. Umm, my question is back in 1990 (crowd laughs) no, Its true, you used to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and toss them in the crowd. how come you don't do that any more?

Rev: I did? I don't really remember doing that

Mich.: I've got it on video.

Rev: Really?

Mich.: You did do it.

Pete: Crunchy or smooth?

Rev: I've done a lot of things in my life I don't really have an explanation for. Probably because I'm more into lunch meat at this point.

Martin: We've got another question, I think we've got chris standing by, chris, hit the mic.

Rev: Just smash the mic chris.

Martin: You're hot go ahead.

Chris: Hi there. I'm chris from metaville(?) could you just say hi to the porno crew?

Rev: Hi to the porno crew

Chris: Thanks man, anyway, I was just wondering about Sara Lee Lucas, like, he just disappeared in Las Vegas or what?

Rev: Um no, he uh, I set his drum set on fire and he went up with it unfortunately. So he didn't like that very much.

Pete: Little globule on the scene.

Rev: No, he really wasn't uh, we've gone through a lot of changes over the past couple of years, and some of the people who were involved really weren't willing to put their neck out on the line for the things that I was saying so they really didn't come along for the ride, so, he was one of them.

Martin: So you get, uh, you get most of your players, what have you got? Madonna Wayne Gacy, Twiggy Ramirez, Daisy Berkowitz, Ginger Fish and yourself, do you all get along?

Rev: Um, Daisy Berkowitz just left the band recently.

Martin: There we go, well then there's the first fight.

Rev: He wanted to um, persue a career doing something else. He wasn't really into being in the band anymore.

Martin: What's he want to do?

Rev: Um, I don't know, he really didn't want to do this though.

Martin: Really, eh?

Rev: But it wasn't a fight. We're still, uh, very good friends and uh, you know he works on a little bit of the record but uh, he wanted to do something else. He didn't like to be in a band anymore.

Martin: Cool. We'll have more questions in a minute (plays commercials/songs) (they come back, talking about the new soundgarden album)

Martin: Have you heard the new soundgarden album all the way through?

Rev: Yeah

Pete: You're a soundgarden fan, aren't you?

Martin: And?

Rev: I like the song "Blow up the outside world"

Pete: That's a good one.

Rev: But, uh, we played a show with soundgarden and I uh, tried to talk to Chris Cornell, but he didn't like me very much.

Pete: He didn't like martin either.

Martin: Yeah, he didn't like me either. He wanted to beat my head in because I said I didn't like Led Zeppelin.

Rev: I asked him if he wanted to kiss me and he turned me down

Pete: really, cuz he kissed me.

Rev: really?

Martin: So back to that early date that we were talking about earlier, molson park where you played with uh, soundgarden, Nine Inch Nails, UMI and that, the ongoing story around town was that everybody blew Soundgarden off the stage, especially Nine Inch Nails and everybody was saying that soundgarden sucked. That was just, you know, I tried to explain to people, That's not the case, it wasn't so much that soundgarden sucked, it was just that everybody fired off all their guns by the time Nine Inch Nails walked off the stage and nobody had anything left as far as excitement factor went, to watch..

Pete: Soundgarden were boring

Martin: They weren't boring! they were boring compared to..

Pete: I've seen them a couple of times But that show was, maybe one bad show

Martin: We're bickering, we're bickering, we have a guest over and we're bickering.

Pete: Um, I'm sorry, its just that night, I was disappointed, and I'm sorry.

Martin: See now look, we've disappointed our guest. way to go pete, now he's starting to break things. he wants to break stuff

Pete: It was just that night. You going to hit me with a mic?

Rev: What are these.. yeah, I don't care

Martin: Right on. We're going to wrap up stuff actually, the cranberries before that... we've got to take a break and we'll wrap up stuff with Marilyn Manson after...

Rev: Well hold on,

Martin: What what?

Rev: See, um, I'm gonna go to the pulp show after I leave here, That's the guy that mooned Michael Jackson, I think that we should all go up on stage and kick his ass because I like Michael Jackson.

Martin: Do you really?

Rev: I have a michael jackson doll, he's wearing the beat it outfit, I think That's very ironic.

Pete: What was your favorite jackson song? Billy Jean?

Rev: Beat it.

Pete: Beat it?

Rev: How can you beat beat it?

Martin: With one glove on. Figure that one out.. We've got to take a break.. (they come back)

Pete: ...Or you can e-mail us at th30@.. Hey, leave my mic alone.


Pete: And I was just going to say that, and you know I am a big soundgarden fan. That night, Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, PWEI, were just amazing.

Martin: Marilyn is putting the microphone down his pants.

Pete: I was giving you a compliment

Rev: Well thank you, I appreciate that.

Martin: No you don't, you don't appreciate anything, you take everything for granted.

Pete: Wheres my hug?

Rev: Don't get fresh with me.

Martin: Well, we'd like to take this opportunity to thank Marilyn Manson for being our special guest this evening, thanks for coming down, so, you're going to be in town for a day or two then you head back down to new orleans to go back to work, is that the deal?

Rev: Yeah.

Martin: And when are we going to see this new album Antichrist Superstar? When does that hit?

Rev: October.

Martin: October. Any special words on uh, a tour to follow? its definetly going to happen, but..

Rev: Uh, not only will it bring an end to christianity, but it is America's gods punishments for the sins they've created for themselves.

Pete: That's a good statement. Did you (??) that?

Rev: No, I just made it up.

Pete: That was good.

Martin: Wow, that was pretty good for on the fly, eh? Well, I also want to thank our live audience for coming out tonight, a lot of people showed up, very early this evening..

Rev: There's that girl outside with the dead bird That's having sex with the window.

Martin: Yeah, she's been doing that since about 7:30-8:00. We've been specially treated to that all night long. But thanks very much for coming by, we hope to see you back in town very soon, and thanks to all you people for coming down to hang with you. Some of these people were down here at 2:00 in the afternoon waiting for you to show up.

Rev: How much do I owe you for that um, stuff that you gave me?

Martin: We'll talk about that after.. Yeah, $50, That's a good deal. Thanks a lot Marilyn Manson. Have a good time at the pulp show.

Picture Credit[edit]

Marilyn and I during a break at The Edge during an interview. ~ Wanda