Interview:1992 FOAAM's June Westenburg interviews Marilyn Manson

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FOAAM's JW interviews Marilyn Manson
Interview with Marilyn Manson
Date 1992
Source Ultimate Manson Bible[1][2]
Interviewer June Westenburg

A new and slightly offbeat style has recently taken over with industrial/glam/metal band Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids. I got a chance to speak to Mr. Manson himself over coffee and delve into this ambience of darkness and human oddity.

June Westenburg: So, how did the show go last night? I got to catch a little bit of it at the end and you guys seemed to be doing all right.

Marilyn Manson: Yeah, actually, it didn't go half bad - the sound was fucked somewhat but overall we had a great time.

JW: Your guitarist got smoked pretty hard with something - he was bleeding.

MM: Yeah, Daisy got hit with something thrown from the audience - I don't think it was aimed directly at him...But it hit him pretty hard

JW: Him and the bassist - they're the ones who write the music, right?

MM: Mm mm and Madonna does as well. I write the lyrics, they write the music. Daisy and Gidget mostly. Mostly Daisy.

JW: It was you and him who hooked up in the beginning, right?

MM: It's an odd story, I think I met him at a party or something and we were both really interested in making music - he'd already had some experience with bands and stuff under his belt - like just fucked up instrumentals with a drum machine..So when we just started out, it was him on guitar and drum machine, and me on voice...Very lo-fi, which is how I'd like it to stay.

JW: Looks like you guys are slowly climbing up the ladder of success.

MM: Sounds like it. I'm not sure. I don't know what I want to happen. I think I'd handle stardom pretty well, eh? *Laughs*



JW: So, you get along with the rest of the band more or less okay?

MM: More or less. There's a few problems but they're ones that I can overlook. You know, the everyday problems a band goes through.

JW: I couldn't stand it. Well, maybe I could.

MM: You probably could. It turns out great after everyone just sort of cools off, you know?

JW: Yeah, yeah, I know..Soooo..Single?

MM: Er. Not really. Kind of. Nooo..Well..*laughs*

JW: Haha..Not too sure eh? Boy or girl?

MM: Girl.

JW: If you don't want to talk about sex, that's okay.

MM: All right. We won't. Let's just say I'm just a curious little boy who likes to try out new things...Yeah..

JW: Aren't we all, though. Any last words before we end?

MM: Well, I don't want to end up being a media whore. And all that. I want to be a positive and negative symbol at the same time. Make any sense?

JW: Of course.

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