Hell Outro

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"Hell Outro"
Hell Outro cover
Song by Marilyn Manson
Album The Last Tour on Earth
Released November 16, 1999
Recorded 1998–1999
Genre Noise metal, industrial metal
Label Nothing, Interscope
Writer Marilyn Manson
Composer Twiggy Ramirez
Producer Marilyn Manson

"Hell Outro" was a noisy instrumental played at the end of "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" from 1998 to 2003. "Hell Outro" derived from an Antichrist Superstar b-side "Long Hard Road Out of Hell", and as its name suggests, is the outro to that very song. It was written by Twiggy Ramirez.






  • Even though "Hell Outro" is an instrumental track in the inlay of The Last Tour on Earth Marilyn Manson was accredited as the writer of the lyrics. This could be because the song it derives from, "Long Hard Road Out of Hell", actually had lyrics. The same situation involves the 2003 track "Baboon Rape Party" which also had no lyrics, yet gave Manson credit for lyrics regardless.