Hand of Glory

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Hand of Glory

Hand of Glory is a painting by Marilyn Manson. It depicts a woman (or even a child possibly), holding a stuffed animal in one hand; the other hand being presumably severed. In an interview with MTV in 2002 Manson explains "The hand is a symbol of power and it represents stealing innocence and imagination from children. If you break down the whole show, that's what it's about. Me as a modern-day Peter Pan, not wanting to grow up. There's a difference being immature and being able to still think like a child."

The painting is now unavailable as it was purchased by actor Nicolas Cage. Manson has stated this as his favorite painting. Lithographs are available at marilynmanson.com.


  • 30" × 22"
  • Watercolor


  • Hand of Glory was featured as art on the "This Is the New Shit" vinyl picture disk.
  • When asked about the inspiration of this painting on Manson's The Oracle he stated, "Innocence lost. Look up the meaning of the title---this was also a character from a story I wrote once." - Innocence lost being a FBI investigation on missing children that are sold into the sex trafficking industry in America.