Guns, God and Government Tour: Spring European Leg

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Guns, God and Government Tour: Spring European Leg
Manson berlin.jpg
Tour by Marilyn Manson
Location Europe
Supporting tour Guns, God and Government
Supporting album Holy Wood (In the Shadow of the Valley of Death)
Start date January 21, 2001
End date February 24, 2001
Shows 21
Marilyn Manson tour chronology
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The Guns, God and Government Tour: Spring European Leg was the second leg of Marilyn Manson's 2000-2001 Guns, God and Government tour. This particular leg of the tour consisted of 21 dates played in England, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Sweden, as well as several other countries. This leg of the tour spanned from January 21, 2001 until February 24, 2001.



The following list contains the most commonly played songs in the order they were most generally performed:

  1. "The Lord Is My Shepherd"
  2. "Count to Six and Die (The Vacuum of Infinite Space Encompassing)"
  3. "Irresponsible Hate Anthem"
  4. "The Death Song"
  5. "Disposable Teens"
  6. "Great Big White World"
  7. "Tourniquet"
  8. "The Fight Song"
  9. "The Nobodies"
  10. "My Monkey"
  11. "Lunchbox"
  12. "Rock Is Dead"
  13. "The Dope Show"
  14. "Cruci-Fiction in Space"
  15. "Cake and Sodomy"
  16. "Burning Flag"
  17. "Astonishing Panorama of the Endtimes"
  18. "GodEatGod"
  19. "In the Shadow of the Valley of Death"
  20. "Born Again"
  21. "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" (with "Hell Outro")
  22. "Valentine's Day"
  23. "The Love Song"
  24. "The Beautiful People"
  25. "The Reflecting God"
  26. "1996" (with "Mister Superstar" and "Diary of a Dope Fiend" intro)
  27. "Rock 'n' Roll Nigger"
  28. "Suicide Is Painless"

Tour dates[edit]

# Date City Location Venue
1 2001/01/21 Birmingham England Flag-uk.png Flag-eng.png NEC
2 2001/01/22 Manchester England Flag-uk.png Flag-eng.png Evening News Arena
3 2001/01/24 London England Flag-uk.png Flag-eng.png Docklands Arena
4 2001/01/25 Paris France Flag-fr.png Le Zenith
5 2001/01/27 Bilbao Spain Flag-es.png Pavellon de la Casilla
6 2001/01/28 Barcelona Spain Flag-es.png Pavellon de Valle Hebron
7 2001/01/31 Hamburg Germany Flag-de.png Sporthalle
8 2001/02/01 Cologne Germany Flag-de.png Palladium
9 2001/02/03 Milan Italy Flag-it.png Fila Forum
10 2001/02/05 Marino Italy Flag-it.png Palaghiaccio
11 2001/02/06 Bologna Italy Flag-it.png Palamalaguti
12 2001/02/08 Zurich Switzerland Flag-ch.png Hallenstadion
13 2001/02/10 Vienna Austria Flag-at.png Libro Music Hall
14 2001/02/11 Prague Czech Republic Flag-cz.png Paegus Arena
15 2001/02/13 Warsaw Poland Flag-pl.png Torwar
16 2001/02/15 Berlin Germany Flag-de.png Velodrome
17 2001/02/16 Copenhagen Denmark Flag-dk.png Forum
18 2001/02/17 Oslo Norway Flag-no.png Spektrum
19 2001/02/19 Stockholm Sweden Flag-se.png Ice Stadium
20 2001/02/21 Helsinki Finland Flag-fi.png Ice Hall
21 2001/02/24[1] Moscow Russia Flag-ru.png Olympisky Arena


  1. Rescheduled from 2001/02/23