Grotesk Burlesk (bootleg)

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Grotesk Burlesk
Grotesk Burlesk cover
Bootleg by Marilyn Manson
Released 2006
Recorded August 1993–2003 in various locations
Genre Alternative metal, heavy metal
Format Compact disc
Length 55:78
Producer Sqorpio
Marilyn Manson chronology
Look at Me Now
Grotesk Burlesk
The Black Album

Grotesk Burlesk is a bootleg by Marilyn Manson, released on 2006 by Sqorpio. Among the tracks on this bootleg are remixes from different Marilyn Manson's songs.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "The Beautiful People" (SpaceDog Mix)
  2. "The Last Day on Earth" (Apocalyptic Mix)
  3. "Dried Up, Tied and Dead to the World" (Sqorpio Mix)
  4. "This Is the New Shit" (Sergio Galoyan Mix)
  5. "The Fight Song" (Slipknot Mix)
  6. "The Dope Show" (Narcissistic Mix)
  7. "Rock Is Dead" (Sqorpio Mix)
  8. "Antichrist Superstar" (Sqorpio Mix)
  9. "Lunchbox" (Manson Mix)
  10. "Mister Superstar" (Hail Mix)
  11. "Tourniquet" (Pogo Mix)
  12. "The Nobodies" (Burn 36 Mix)