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Gary Numan in 2009

Gary Numan was formed in 1978, initially called the Tubeway Army. It is the solo project of the Gary Numan, in collaboration with an assortment of other musicians. Rob Holliday is among them. After recording an album's worth of punk-influenced demo tapes, Numan was signed by Beggars Banquet Records in 1978 and quickly released two singles, "That's Too Bad" and "Bombers", neither of which charted. A self-titled, new wave-oriented debut album later that same year sold out its limited run and introduced Numan's fascination with dystopian science fiction and, more importantly, synthesizers. Marilyn Manson has covered the band's song "Down in the Park" in 1994, which he later performed live with Gary Numan himself.


  • Tubeway Army (1978) (with Tubeway Army)
  • Replicas (1979) (with Tubeway Army)
  • The Pleasure Principle (1979) (Numan's first album under his own name)
  • Telekon (1980)
  • Dance (1981)
  • I, Assassin (1982)
  • Warriors (1983)
  • Berserker (1984)
  • The Fury (1985)
  • Strange Charm (1986)
  • Metal Rhythm (1988) (New Anger in the United States)
  • Outland (1991)
  • Machine + Soul (1992)
  • Sacrifice (1994) (Dawn in the US)
  • Exile (1997)
  • Pure (2000)
  • Hybrid (2003)
  • Jagged (2006)
  • Dead Son Rising (2011)
  • Splinter (2013)