Deconstructed Hell

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Deconstructed Hell
Deconstructed Hell cover
Bootleg by Marilyn Manson
Recorded 1995–2001 in various locations
Genre Alternative metal, heavy metal
Format Compact disc
Label Tradepoint
Producer Jonathan Davis, Marilyn Manson, Tim Skold

Deconstructed Hell is a rarities bootleg by Marilyn Manson, released by Tradepoint Bootlegs. Among the tracks on this bootleg are official and unofficial Marilyn Manson songs and remixes, as well the score to the film Resident Evil, composed by Marilyn Manson. The release date remains unknown; apart from the track listing and cover design credits, no additional information whatsoever is provided. It features music released no later than 2001, but this fact does not account for what year the songs featured were remixed and ultimately released.


  1. "Redeemer" – 4:19
  2. "Tainted Love" – 3:19
  3. "The Nobodies" (Wormwood Remix) – 4:58
  4. "Cruci-Fiction in Space" (Living Death Remix)
  5. "The Fight Song" (Fight for Your Life Remix)
  6. "The Beautiful People" (The WWF Remix) – 3:41
  7. "Coma Black and White" (Dread Mix)
  8. "Dissasociative" (Dark World Mix)
  9. "Rock Is Dead" (Alex Perez Rock Remix)
  10. "The Beautiful People" (Monkeys in the Forest, Fascist Worms)
  11. "Tourniquet" (Prosthetic Sex Mix) – 4:09
  12. "The Beautiful People" (Mikes Exorcist Mix)
  13. "Starfuckers, Inc."/"The Beautiful People" (With Nine Inch Nails on May the 9th, 2000)
  14. "Break You Down" (With gODHEAD) – 3:17
  15. "Transylvanian Concubine" (With Rasputina) – 2:47
  16. "The Omen" (Scary Mary Mix by the FiendsFriend) (With DMX)
  17. "Resident Evil Main Title Theme" – 2:09
  18. "Seizure of Power" – 3:50
  19. "Reunion" – 2:46

Album credits[edit]

Cover Design by Tradepoint -

Cover gallery[edit]


  • "The Beautiful People" (sans The WWF Remix, legitimately titled the "Full Metal Jacket" mix) can be found on WWF Forceable Entry.