Damien Echols, Political Prisoner

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Damien Echols, Political Prisoner

Damien Echols, Political Prisoner is a painting by Marilyn Manson depicting Damien Echols. The painting was first seen on a 2010 myspace update of works in progress. In 2011 the painting appeared on MarilynManson.com with the caption: "I wanted this painting to be the hand that once waved goodbye, now waving hello to a new life."[1] The painting was auctioned off to raise funds for Damien's defense fund.


  • Size unknown
  • Watercolor


  • As a result of Damien's plight being brought to public attention, public outcry led to the release of all three men accused of murder. Damien Echols is now friends with Marilyn Manson and the two share at least one tattoo.

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