Coma Red

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Coma Red
Coma Red cover
Bootleg by Marilyn Manson
Released 2001
Recorded 1999-2001 in various locations
Genre Alternative metal, heavy metal, industrial metal
Format Compact disc
Marilyn Manson chronology
At Satan's Request
Coma Red


  1. "Disposable Teens (Bon Harris Remix)"
  2. "The Fight Song (Joe Black Remix)"
  3. "The Love Song (Bon Harris Remix)"
  4. "Cruci-Fiction in Space (Living-Death Remix)"
  5. "Disposable Teens (DJS Johhny Remix)"
  6. "Five to One"
  7. "Diamonds & Pollen"
  8. "Working Class Hero"
  9. "Get My Rocks Off"
  10. "A Rose and a Baby Ruth"
  11. "Suicide Is Painless"
  12. "Coma White Acoustic"
  13. "The Last Day on Earth (Acoustic Version)"
  14. "The Nobodies (Acoustic Version)"
  15. "The Death Song (With Bible Speech)"
  16. "The Fight Song (Live)"
  17. "The Nobodies (Live)"