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The Celebritarian codes were a series of source codes that were discovered in MarilynManson.com's 2005 flash sequence. For over a year, the fan community worked at deciphering the patterns and codes in this incarnation of the website, until in November 2006 it was redesigned and the codes vanished. These codes included "13015111511513013153113," "0113530501331300000000000000," "05011330501333000000000000," "13053135015503113501," "1135150151533011," "1511110131501005," "3113115," "551531," "3113," "1313," and "3115."

Manson's response[edit]

In an exclusive interview with Marilyn Manson conducted by The Heirophant in May 2007, Manson was questioned about his intention behind the mysterious code. Astonishingly, Manson claimed that while he originally had this code implemented to be used in some way later on, "it developed into something that I did not approve necessarily." Manson even admitted to having minimal involvement in this version of the website.

"I'm very happy that the current website we launched in a greater part yesterday is something I've been involved with in every detail, collaborating with the person who created it. I think there was a greater understanding of what I wanted as an idea but somebody brought to the table their own creative element. I was really happy that the site looks nothing like what I would have said to create. For that reason, I liked it. The way that the site has been between the time I was musically active until now is really representative of the confusion and turmoil in life and the people who were trying to prey upon that.
I'm not going to blame anyone that was involved with it. I'm not going to deny any of my involvement, but I don't think I was able to really have any sort of enjoyment in how my own website represented me personally until yesterday. I'm very glad to be back in charge of essentially how I communicate with a large number of people. I was trying to create a world where I could simply be defined by my statements and my ideas because I hadn't created this record yet. I had to really cut through a forest of assholes to get to the point I'm at now. I'm happy to put the past year behind me in so many ways, we'll leave it at that.
I'm not going to say the codes are something that I was ignorant of, but I'll just say it developed into something that I did not approve necessarily, but that's only in the fact that I don't know what it developed into. I didn't know who I was for that period of time. I didn't mean that it had no value, it just means that people often mistake house-sitting for living in a house metaphorically."