Bloody B-Sides

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Bloody B-Sides
Bloody B-Sides cover
Bootleg by Marilyn Manson
Released 1997
Recorded 1994-1997 in various locations

Bloody B-Sides is a Marilyn Manson bootleg album that compiles all of the B-side tracks of the band from 1994 through 1997.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Next Motherfucker"
  2. "The Tourniquet Prosthetic Dance Mix (Edit)"
  3. "The Tourniquet Prosthetic Dance Mix"
  4. "Down in the Park"
  5. "Brown Bag"
  6. "Metal"
  7. "Lunchbox (Highschool Drop-outs)"
  8. "Mother Inferior Got Her Gunn"
  9. "Revelation #9"
  10. "The Horrible People"
  11. "Man That You Fear (Acoustic Requiem for Antichrist Superstar)"
  12. "The Beautiful People"