Anthony Silva

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Anthony Silva
Photo of Tony Silva by Marilyn Manson
Photo of Tony Silva by Marilyn Manson
Background information
Birth name Anthony Silva
Also known as Tony Silva
Occupation(s) Filmmaker, Visual Artist, Screenwriter
Years active 2004-Present
Associated acts Marilyn Manson

Anthony "Tony" Silva is a photographer and visual artist, who began collaborating with Marilyn Manson as a photographer for the Against All Gods Tour in 2004. Tony is also accredited with several key images from the Eat Me, Drink Me Era including the infamous reunion photo of Marilyn Manson & Twiggy Ramirez in 2007 and the imagery from the album's booklet.

Silva is also a member of the Celebritarian Corporation, and is most notably recognized as the screenwriter and photographer for Phantasmagoria: The Visions of Lewis Carroll. He also developed and assembled the stage projections for the stage projections of The Rape of the World Tour. In addition to his work with Marilyn Manson, Tony Silva is an award-winning filmmaker whose work in the experimental short film genre caught the attention of infamous horror flimmaker and author, Clive Barker, with whom Tony is currently in the process of writing and directing an adaptation of Barker's short story "Scape-Goats." Examples of Silva's work with Marilyn Manson can be viewed in the gallery below.


MansonWiki conducted it's first exclusive interview with Tony Silva regarding Phantasmagoria and more which can be read here.