Against All Gods (tour)

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Against All Gods Tour
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World tour by Marilyn Manson
Supporting album Lest We Forget – The Best Of
Start date October 27, 2004
End date August 31, 2005
Legs 4
Shows 64
Marilyn Manson tour chronology
Grotesk Burlesk
Against All Gods
Rape of the World

Against All Gods was the tenth tour Marilyn Manson embarked on, under management of major record label Interscope Records. It was also the band's sixth tour to span over multiple legs. The band was on the tour from October 27, 2004 until August 31, 2005.



The following list contains the most commonly played songs in the order they were most generally performed:

  1. "Repent"
  2. "Prelude (The Family Trip)"
  3. "The Love Song"
  4. "Irresponsible Hate Anthem"
  5. "Disposable Teens"
  6. "mOBSCENE"
  7. "Tourniquet" (with "Minute of Decay" intro)
  8. "Personal Jesus"
  9. "Get Your Gunn"
  10. "Great Big White World"
  11. "(s)AINT"
  12. "Tainted Love"
  13. "The Fight Song" (with "Lamb of God" and "Mommy Dear" intro)
  14. "The Nobodies"
  15. "The Dope Show" (with "Diary of a Dope Fiend" intro)
  16. "Rock Is Dead"
  17. "The Golden Age of Grotesque"
  18. "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)"
  19. "Lunchbox"
  20. "The Beautiful People"
  21. "Antichrist Superstar"
  22. "The Reflecting God"
  23. "Suicide Is Painless"

Stage persona, attitude and attire[edit]

  • The costumes for the Against All Gods tour (all designed by Vivienne Westwood) went through two discernible phases.
  • Initially, Manson took to the stage wearing a black jacket with pink trimming and wore a black gothic vest with a long, open black skirt. His new makeup design primarily consisted of a black band across his eyes, chrome veneers and a white eyelash.
  • During "The Dope Show," he donned a black and white stripped suit jacket.
  • For some performances of "mOBSCENE" Manson, uses a top hat and a black vest also had a silver strip running down it.
Manson singing "mOBSCENE".
  • When the tour moved to Europe, the band sported a Victorian dress style. Though the skirt remained similar, Manson’s vest then sported blue-velvet frills, and his entry jacket had a Black Plague theme.
  • For some performances of "The Nobodies" that was meant to look like a plague doctor's, with real chicken bones sewn on in the shape of a sergeant’s shoulder decoration and a bagful of onions.
  • For performances of "mOBSCENE" Manson, uses a military jacket and peak cap.
  • For some performances of "The Beautiful People" Manson, uses the hat of a nazi officer.
  • For some performances of "Tourniquet" and "(s)AINT", robots were utilized.
  • During some performances of "Tourniquet", Manson used stilts as well.

Tour legs[edit]

Tour Leg Time Span
Against All Gods Tour: North American Leg 2004/10/272004/12/20
Against All Gods Tour: Asian Leg 2005/01/29 (Cancelled)2005/02/06
Against All Gods Tour: Mexican Leg 2005/02/09
Against All Gods Tour: European Leg 2005/05/272005/08/31

Photo Gallery[edit]

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