A Pill to Make You Dumb

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A Pill to Make You Dumb
A Pill to Make You Dumb cover
Bootleg by Marilyn Manson
Recorded 1992–1997 in various locations
Genre Alternative metal, heavy metal
Format Compact disc
Label Tradepoint
Producer Marilyn Manson, Sqorpio

A Pill to Make You Dumb is a remix bootleg by Marilyn Manson, released by Tradepoint Bootlegs. Among the tracks on this bootleg are official and unofficial Marilyn Manson songs and remixes, as well as a song that band was not involved with at all. The majority of the bootleg is comprised of remixes of songs from the band's Antichrist Superstar and Mechanical Animals albums, remixed by Sqorpio. The release date remains unknown; apart from the track listing and cover design credits, no additional information whatsoever is provided. It features music released no later than 1998, but this fact does not account for what year the songs featured were remixed and ultimately released.


  1. "The Not-So-Beautiful People" – 6:12
  2. "Man That You Fear" (Remix)
  3. "Cryptorchid - Eclipse of the Sun" (Sqorpio Remix) – 3:08
  4. "Antichrist Superstar" (Sqorpio Remix)
  5. "The Beautiful People" (Sqorpio Remix)
  6. "The Reflecting God" (Sqorpio Remix)
  7. "The Man That You Fear" (Sqorpio MegaMix)
  8. "The Dope Show" (Narcissistic & So Shallow Mix) – 3:41
  9. "The Last Day on Earth" (Sqorpio's Apocalyptic Mix)
  10. "Rock Is Dead" (Acid Mix)
  11. "People Who Died"
  12. "Like a Virgin" – 2:26

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  • A Pill to Make You Dumb borrows its title from lyrics in the song "Coma White".
  • "Like a Virgin" is not a legitimate Marilyn Manson track.