2005-2006 Lest We Forget imagery

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This collection of images features an assortment of visual highlights of the band's during 2005-2006's Lest We Forget and aborted Celebritarian era.

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Photos by Scarlet Page for Kerrang![edit]

Live - Against All Gods Tour[edit]


September 15, 2004 - Manson leaving the Metropol hotel in London[edit]

MTV Music Awards[edit]

MTV Icon[edit]



  1. as I'm digitising and packing THOUSANDS and thousands of @marilynmanson images from over 20 years of working together, before I fly out to LA tomorrow, to start selecting what's going in the book...
    here's one we shot for @viviennewestwood 's spring summer collection 05, shot at the #peroufactory #hackneywick in 2004
    manson was leaning back on a stool being propped up by @robertmorrisonstylist
    when I showed vivienne the original she wanted the stool, lights and robert left in.
    of course.
    here's the directors cut.
    maybe the original will be in the book?
    I have a pair of and still wear, those yellow snakeskin shoes
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