2003/12/19 Stockholm, Sweden

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December 19, 2003
Performance by Marilyn Manson
Location The Hovet in Stockholm, Sweden
Tour Grotesk Burlesk
Tour leg Grotesk Burlesk Tour: Autumn European Leg
Performers Marilyn Manson, John 5, Tim Skold, Madonna Wayne Gacy, Ginger Fish
Support Peaches[1]
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Touring chronology
December 18, 2003 December 19, 2003 October 27, 2004

The performance on December 19, 2003 took place at the Hovet in Stockholm, Sweden.



  1. "Repent"
  2. "Thaeter"
  3. "This Is the New Shit"
  4. "Disposable Teens"
  5. "Use Your Fist and Not Your Mouth"
  6. "Great Big White World"
  7. "Rock Is Dead" (with "1996" (spoken) intro)
  8. "mOBSCENE"
  9. "Tainted Love" (with "Where Did Our Love Go" intro)
  10. "Tourniquet"
  11. "The Dope Show" (with "Baboon Rape Party" intro)
  12. "(s)AINT"
  13. "The Golden Age of Grotesque"
  14. "Doll-Dagga Buzz-Buzz Ziggety-Zag"
  15. "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)"
  16. "Rock 'n' Roll Nigger"
  17. "The Fight Song" (with "Obsequey (The Death of Art)" and "It's a Small World" intro)
  18. "The Beautiful People"
  19. "Irresponsible Hate Anthem"




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