1998/05/19 Los Angeles, CA

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May 19, 1998
May 19, 1998 performance at The Palace, Los Angeles, California, USA.
Performance by Gary Numan
Location The Palace, Los Angeles, California, USA
Tour Exile
Tour leg North American Leg
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The performance on May 19, 1998 by Gary Numan took place at the Palace in Los Angeles, California. Marilyn Manson joined the singer onstage for "Down in the Park".


  1. "Intro" ("Closer (Precursor)" by Nine Inch Nails)
  2. "Friends (Pure Version)"
  3. "Dominion Day"
  4. "Cars"
  5. "Films"
  6. "A Question of Faith"
  7. "Voix"
  8. "Everyday I Die"
  9. "Dark"
  10. "Noise, Noise"
  11. "An Alien Cure"
  12. "Down in the Park" (with Marilyn Manson)
  13. "Absolution"
  14. "Dead Heaven" (with Wayne Hussey)
  15. "Metal" (with Wayne Hussey)
  16. "Are 'Friends' Electric?"
  17. "Replicas"
  18. "We Are So Fragile"
  19. "Me! I Disconnect From You"

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