1997/05/11 Camden, NJ

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May 11, 1997
Performance by Marilyn Manson
Location Blockbuster Sony Center in Camden, New Jersey, USA
Tour Dead to the World
Tour leg Dead to the World Tour: Arena Leg
Performers Marilyn Manson, Zim Zum, Twiggy Ramirez, Madonna Wayne Gacy, Ginger Fish
Support Rasputina
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Touring chronology
May 10, 1997 May 11, 1997 May 17, 1997

The performance on May 11, 1997 took place at the Blockbuster Sony Center in Camden, New Jersey, United States of America.[1]



  1. "Angel with the Scabbed Wings"
  2. "Get Your Gunn"
  3. "Cake and Sodomy"
  4. "Dried Up, Tied and Dead to the World"
  5. "Tourniquet" (with "The Tourniquet Prosthetic Dance Mix" outro)
  6. "Kinderfeld" (Instrumental, aborted due to technical problems)
  7. (guitar intermission)
  8. "Little Horn"
  9. "Apple of Sodom"
  10. "Antichrist Superstar"
  11. "The Beautiful People"
  12. "The Reflecting God"


"Cake and Sodomy" (Manson fails to take off his pants)



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