1995/06/22 New York City, NY

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June 22, 1995
June 22, 1995 performance at {{{Location}}}.
The Jon Stewart Show June 22, 1995
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The performance on June 22, 1995 took place at the short-lived US talkshow The Jon Stewart Show, hosted by comedian Jon Stewart (and broadcasted from) in New York City, New York, United States of America. The band performed two tracks from their 1994 album Portrait of an American Family.



  1. "Lunchbox"
  2. "Dope Hat"



Complete performance


  • In one of the more memorable acts on The Jon Stewart Show, Marilyn Manson's performance included the band lighting the stage on fire. This is unseen in the broadcasted episode however.
  • The show was cancelled shortly after Manson's appearance due to rising competition from other late night talk shows.
  • The performance of "Dope Hat" was cut short due to being played briefly before the show credits and during them.