"Talking" – MARILYN MANSON in His Own Words

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"Talking" – MARILYN MANSON in His Own Words
"Talking" – MARILYN MANSON in His Own Words cover
Written by Chuck Weiner
Released: December 1, 2004
Publisher: Omnibus Press
Media type: Print (Paperback)
Length: 136 pages
ISBN: 1844494195

"Talking" – MARILYN MANSON in His Own Words is the third unofficial biography of Marilyn Manson, released on December 1, 2004. It follows Manson's career, gathered through a series of interviews and quotes from the artist.


A detailed look into the life of Marilyn Manson, one of the music world's most colorful and controversial figures. Every generation needs an outlaw, and as a new millennium began, Marilyn Manson was America's Most Wanted. Like a computer game come to life, he's playing a role and inviting us to join his fantasy world. This is his story, in his own words. With color photos.

Selected quotes[edit]

  • "I was paid for sex once. I received $100 in cash and prizes because the girl didn't exactly have the entire $100 but she did have a credit card so she bought me some shoes."
  • "I would rather put out records that do well every year and do that for 10 or 20 years, than one or two that do really great and then disappear. The faster you burn, the quicker you're gone and I plan on sticking around."
  • "There's been a lot of bland and happy-go-lucky music created over the past six or seven years. I didn't really support Bush, but I hope we get some good right-wing Manson hating people in office so I can piss them off."
  • "While Columbine was a terrible tragedy, it's not the first. It's kind of displeasing to hear people treat it like it is. It's displeasing for the President to decry violence in America while at the same time he's sending bombs overseas to kill other people."